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Giants Vs. Saints ... Even More Reaction

You guys probably don't want to read it, or hear it, but here are some more reactions from around the Inter-Google to the New York Giants 49-24 drubbing Monday night by the New Orleans Saints.

Giants-Saints Reaction: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - SB Nation New York

The New York Giants' 49-24 loss on Monday Night Football to the New Orleans Saints was the team's third straight, putting the Giants annual second-half of the season collapse into full throttle. The Giants have gone from 6-2 and looking like NFC East champions to 6-5 on the outside of the playoffs looking in with little reason to believe they can get things turned around.

NOTE: Yes, this is a sort of modified version of 'Kudos & Wet Willies' that I wrote for SB Nation New York.

NFL Videos: Coughlin gets testy

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is not happy with the line of questioning following his team's embarrassing 49-24 loss vs. the Saints on Monday night.

Yikes, What Has Happened to the Giants? -- The Sports Section

Maybe we should have expected this rough stretch. The Giants are no strangers to second-half struggles, and this year, their schedule took a turn for the difficult after Week Eight. Which isn't to say they haven't beaten good teams (like the Pats) and lost to weak ones (like Seattle), but the Giants team that mostly took care of business earlier in the season has had a rough go of it against stiffer competition of late. Needless to say, that's no way to earn a playoff spot, particularly when a loss to undefeated Green Bay next weekend would mean visiting Cowboys Stadium in Week Fourteen while on a four-game losing streak. We've known for a while that this was a flawed team that's dealing with all sorts of injuries, but whatever optimism existed after that New England game is now gone.

Mathematically, the Giants are still kicking: They're only a game behind Dallas, and they still play the Cowboys twice. Dallas, though, has the easier schedule otherwise: They play Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia, while the Giants have Green Bay, Washington, and the Jets. Those games against the Cowboys, obviously, are huge, and we'd like to think that two of the Giants' other three remaining games are perfectly winnable. Problem is, right now, the Redskins and Jets can look at the Giants game on their schedules and think the very same thing.

Keidel: Giants Feeling Big Blues " CBS New York

For all the talk, the New York Giants had appallingly little walk. They crawled onto the shores of the Gulf Coast under heavy fire from Drew Brees and retreated back to sea. Big Blue lost in the Big Easy, if you will.

-- Finally, I leave you with this. I am generally not a big fan of WFAN's Craig Carton, and I know he isn't a big fan of the Giants. But, his selection Tuesday morning of a Giants theme song is gold. Too good not to pass along.