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Game Ball of the Week Goes to Victor Cruz

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It's not easy handing out a game ball when the Giants lose, but we're going to do just that, because it's part of our Tuesday routine, and because, in actuality, some of these guys played well. For me, the game ball goes to wide receiver Victor Cruz. And as Ed mentioned in his Kudos and Wet Willies, Cruz deserves props for more than his 9 catches for 157 yards and 2 touchdowns. Right as play-by-play guy Mike Tirico said that Cruz was going to do his patented Salsa dance after scoring the first time, Cruz celebrated quietly with a teammate and then handed the ball to the ref. He did this because the Giants still trailed by 19 points, and he did it again (not dancing) after his second score. It's okay to celebrate, and it's even okay to celebrate on the road, but not when you are trailing by more than two TDs.

I also don't mean to steal from Ed's Kudos and Wet Willies, but the two others he had for kudos besides Cruz also should receive honorable mention here for game ball consideration --Eli Manning for throwing for over 400 yards, including 19 straight completions, and the two TDs to Cruz; and Jason Pierre-Paul for the saving tackle of Jimmy Graham on a fake field goal to keep the game scoreless in the first quarter, and also because the dude played with a fire no one else on defense did (racking up 5 tackles and an assist).