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New York Giants News And Notes: Post-Game Carnage Edition

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Nothing to be happy about this morning, at least when thinking about the Giants, after Monday night's disastrous 49-24 rout by the New Orleans Saints.

The collapse is on, as Giants are blown out | New York Daily News
They did so much talking about responding to the challenge, increasing their intensity and showing their pride. They were so quick to dismiss even the possibility of yet another, dismal second-half collapse.

Now, how can they possibly avoid it? How can can they ignore it after yet another second-half loss?

"It's absolutely not possible," said defensive end Justin Tuck. "I'm already thinking that."

There's nothing else to think after the Giants were crushed by the New Orleans Saints in the Lousiana Superdome on Monday night, 49-24, in a game where their defense was barely a speed bump for Drew Brees and his high-powered offense. The Giants gave up 577 yards -- the second highest total they've ever given up in a single game.

Tuck warned that if the Giants didn't figure out their problems their collapse this year could be "historical." After that performance, they may already be there.

Brandon Jacobs had another sub-par game for the Giants, but managed to break into a celebration dance after scoring a touchdown -

NEW ORLEANS — Let’s start with the dance, and work our way backwards.

Giants' Hakeem Nicks unhappy about hit in loss to Saints |
Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks left tonight's 49-24 loss to the New Orleans Saints in the third quarter when he was hit hard (and illegally) by Saints safety Isa Abdul-Quddus.

Nicks suffered a rib contusion but returned on the next drive. Afterward, he was none too happy about the hit.

"I was defenseless," he said. "It’s football, he took advantage of it. He did what he’s supposed to do, I guess. I wasn’t happy, but it’s football. He got a good shot."

Miracle reunion for Jones -
NEW ORLEANS — Chad Jones visited with his teammates Sunday night at the Giants team hotel and admitted the experience nearly overwhelmed him when he saw and greeted Brandon Jacobs and Corey Webster, who are Louisiana natives and befriended Jones when he arrived with the Giants as a 2010 third-round draft pick from LSU.

"My eyes were a little watered up when I saw those guys,’’ Jones said.

Teen sues Giants legend Lawrence Taylor over sex case: Bronx girl seeks damages - NY Daily News
Legendary Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was sacked with a child sex lawsuit Monday by a Bronx teenager who was forced to have sex with him for $300 at a Rockland County hotel.

The victim, Cristine Fierro, said Taylor deserved jail for what he did to her two years ago — not just probation.

"I was glad Mr. Taylor was prosecuted, but I feel as though he should have gone to jail to think about what he has done to me," Fierro said, reading from a statement. "I am very hurt because of what I was forced to do against my own will with Mr. Taylor in that room that night. It is something that is always going to be with me."

-- Much more throughout the day. First, though, in the let's add insult to injury department I have to head to the dentist.