A Game Recap For A Family Website

Usually when I try and write fanposts, I try to have some sort of rationale behind them. Make them meaningful. Try not to let emotions carry out what I do. This time [REDACTED] that.

This is a [REDACTED] rant, because hell, I [REDACTED] need it.

If your name is not Jason Pierre-Paul, Victor Cruz, or [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Eli Manning, please just go away.

I [REDACTED] stuck up for this team for so damn long this year. Post after post about the fire that this team possessed. How this team kept fighting no matter what. We did that all year. What the [REDACTED] happened?

Tom Coughlin kept preaching on to finish, finish, FINISH. How can you finish if you can't even start? This is one game. One game, I understand that, but just the way you've been beaten down, outmuscled for the second game in a row.

You weren't just beaten. You got your [REDACTED] pants pulled down, wedgied, and shoved into a locker. AND I [REDACTED] STOOD HERE (TYPED HERE) AND BACKED YOU UP ALL WEEK.

How you guys were angry. A desperate team backed into a corner, dangerous. I actually typed out the words "Canal Street Chronicles should be scared."

Yeah, they should be scared of an injury to a Saint by tripping over our dead asses.

Can somebody tell me how Jason Pierre-Paul, a 270 lb DE outran Aaron Ross, a 200 lb DB on run plays? Or why he was the ONLY one who gave a damn on run plays?

Hakeem Nicks, you get your catches and your YAC. Thanks for that. But honestly, this isn't your rookie season, so why the [REDACTED] do you not know where the sidelines are.

The play that pissed me off the most was Drew Brees escaping Justin Tuck's sack for a 10 yard gain. Tuck. You said yourself that you guys will go all out. How many sacks did our "vaunted" DL get? Zero. What was that? ZERO. We had 2 QB hits, and 4 pressures. All. [REDACTED]ing. Game. Pathetic.

Jacobs, you got a touchdown. Yippee ki yay, Mother[REDACTED]. You don't have to do some ridiculous punching dance and have to be restrained from committing a taunting penalty. Maybe this veteran could take a lesson or two from Victor Cruz, who scored twice, but simply handed the ball back without celebration.

Speaking of Cruz, he (along with Nicks) did most of the heavy lifting on offense. Our run game was pathetic as usual. Jake Ballard basically gave up an interception by not fighting for the ball. Ramses was basically a non-factor.

Eli Manning completed 21 passes in a row. I don't care if it was garbage time, because [REDACTED] garbage time started with 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter....that's [REDACTED] impressive. He continued to push and fight, make adjustments, and embodied what this team should have been. He is in his prime, and this performance was wasted, like a few others, by this lack of an appearance by most everyone else.

Da'rel Scott got in the action by fumbling, too. Sigh [REDACTED]. At least the OL wasn't terrible...which is a complete surprise to me. They got the job done for most of the game, only allowing pressure when the Saint defense pinned their ears back.

Jacquain Williams and Mark Herzlich. Lets be honest, I didn't expect much out of you guys, and you certainly proved that. However, Jacquain, you showed surprisingly good pass coverage today, and Mark, you have the potential to be one hell of a pass-rushing, run-stopping, [REDACTED] monster.

Kenny Phillips, even though you and every single one of the secondary shat the bed, at least you played with some nastiness towards the end. Let the other team know that they can't cheap shot Hakeem. I don't care if I come off as a dick, but you can't let teams push you around.

Now time for the fun part! Perry Fewell, your jolly old [REDACTED] schemes are a piece of [REDACTED]. Please do let the door slap you hard across the ass on the way out.

Even Ron Jaworksi (Ron Jaworski) noticed how ineffective rushing 3 men was. And hey! I saw a lot more of JPP at DT. AWESOME! Oh, and lets have JPP cover Sproles. Or how about Jacquain Williams on Jimmy Graham? That definitely works!

Tom Coughlin, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I think its time to go. Maybe this is knee jerk of me. I truly wish you didn't have to go, because I still think you are a good coach that can lead this team. But you haven't in the past two games. No hustle, no heart, and a complete lashing are at the hands of the coach.

I still have faith in this team, and in Coughlin. But now, its just blind faith. If the team does not pull through, if it is a sinking ship, and right certainly seems like the word "Titanic" is stamped across the collective NY Giant forehead, than Tom Coughlin, I doubt there will be any life boats left for you.


Go Giants.

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