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Saints 21, Giants 3: Second Half Open Thread

Well, this does not look good. New Orleans Saints 21, New York Giants 3 at halftime of Monday Night Football.

Drew Brees has 265 yards passing and the Saints have more than 300 yards of total offense already. The Giants can't get within the same area code as Brees with their pass rush. Shoot, they are running around like a Chinese fire drill on defense, banging into each other as they try to line up.

Offensively, Eli Manning (14-of-24, 171 yards, one interception) is doing everything he can, but he isn't getting much help. Three drops, and tight end Jake Ballard let Saints linebacker Will Herring rip a touchdown pass out of his hands for an interception.

Unless something completely unexpected happens in the final two quarters the Giants will be 6-5 heading into a game with the unbeaten Green Bay Packers, and their playoff hopes will be on life support.

All you can do at this point is hope for a miracle.