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Tom Quinn Press Conference, 11.25.11

Q: Was Sunday the best you have seen Weatherford kick the ball this year?
A: He has done well and I thought the location was good. We were fortunate that he got a friendly roll down to the two. He struck it better that game.

Q: Was it good to see Tynes hit a 49-yarder?
A: Yes, I think any made field goal is a confidence builder and the further out the better so it was nice for him to get one of those under his belt.

Q: What is the challenge of breaking in two new gunners this late in the season?
A: They have been working at it and we have multiple guys we can use there. They have been repping it all year and they have done it for us in the past. We have another big challenge with Sproles ahead.

Q: Does Herzlich starting on Sunday change his role on special teams?
A: It is just based on how many plays he will get defensively. We will adjust his special teams stats accordingly. Obviously, if he is starting and there are other people we can use, we will try to plug them into positions if we think they can help us.