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Coughlin Talks About ... Injuries -- What Else Is There?

As you probably could have figured out without me telling you, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin spent almost his entire press conference today discussing various injured players and how the Giants would react to the players they will be missing Monday night against the New Orleans Saints.

Let's go through the rundown.

  • Coughlin said the detached retina suffered by Will Beatty is "a very serious situation" and had no update on how long Beatty's recovery would take.
  • David Diehl seems like an obvious candidate for left tackle in Beatty's absence, but the coach did not commit to that. He said Stacy Andrews is also a possibility.
  • Wide receiver Mario Manningham missed practice with a knee issue, and said Manningham "has to work tomorrow" if he hopes to play Monday.
  • Coughlin said linebacker Michael Boley and running back Ahmad Bradshaw are possible for Monday. Neither practiced on Friday, but they did do some running.
  • Right tackle Kareem McKenze and defensive end Justin Tuck both practiced in limited fashion. Coughlin's remarks seemed to indicate he expected both to play Monday night.