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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 12

Last week: 8-6

Season record: 102-58

Well, 8-6 is better than 4-12. And if I was a baseball team, 102-58 would be pretty good (unless you are the '93 SF Giants). Speaking of SF, I'm going to give myself a pat on the back (a half-ass pat but a pat nonetheless) for almost picking the exact score of the 49ers/Cards game. I picked 23-6 and the final was 23-7. So maybe I'm turning a corner here. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Green Bay at Detroit--Wow, the first of three games we actually might want to watch for a change on Turkey Day. I really want to pick the Lions as they always play strong on Thanksgiving and they actually are strong this year, but let's face it--it's hard to envision them beating Aaron Rodgers. Still, hang on for a wild ride here. Packers 45, Lions 38

Miami at Dallas--I am having flashbacks to the Leon Lett game. The Dolphins have been playing well, and it's about time for the Cowboys to implode again, but I need to preserve some semblance of my record. Cowboys 23, Dolphins 17

San Francisco at Baltimore--It's when I see matchups like this that I would have loved to be in the room with the schedule-makers. Thanksgiving night, brother on brother combat. But probably not much scoring. Ravens 13, Niners 10

Minnesota at Atlanta--The Falcons are starting to look pretty good, and that's not great news for Big Blue. Falcons 28, Vikings 14

Cleveland at Cincinnati--Since the Browns are at or near the top in pass defense, expect a lot of Cedric Benson in this one. Bengals 27, Browns 13

Carolina at Indianapolis--Yeah, um, no. I'm not going there. Panthers 30, Colts 7

Houston at Jacksonville--Matt Schaub is possibly out for the season. So the Texans, who finally have the inside track for the AFC South title, try to win a title with Matt Leinart. Yikes. At least they can run, but I smell an upset here. Jags 20, Texans17

Buffalo at NY Jets--Can anyone figure these two teams out? Jets 21, Bills 14

Arizona at St. Louis--Wow, these NFC West games are so tantalizing. Rams 17, Cards 14

Tampa Bay at Tennessee--At this point, it's highly unlikely the Bucs will reach the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Titans smell blood with Matt Schaub's injury. Titans 24, Bucs 17

Chicago at Oakland--Caleb Hanie vs. Carson Palmer. Interesting, and when in doubt pick the home team (who we quite frankly REALLY need to win). Raiders 23, Bears 13

Washington at Seattle--Knock knock. Who's there? Daniel Synder. Daniel Snyder who? Daniel Snyder says you're fired, Mr. Shanahan, and take that snot-nosed kid with you. Seahawks 17, Redskins 10

New England at Philadelphia--We need Brady and Belichick to keep the pedal to the metal following Monday night's dismantling of the Chiefs. Patriots 30, Eagles 20

Denver at San Diego--Wow, these AFC West games are also tantalizing. Maybe we can let the two West divisions fall into the ocean. But first, we'd have to rescue Spags and bring him home. Was that out loud? But I digress. Chargers 31, Broncos 16

Pittsburgh at Kansas City--Hey Collinsworth, this matchup is payback for all the Eagles love this past Sunday. Happy Freaking Thanksgiving. Steelers 20, Chiefs 10

NY Giants at New Orleans--Dear BBV readers: You guys know I love you all, right? Well, this pick is with my head, not with my heart. Saints 38, Giants 24