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Top Five Defensive Plays? Really?

The fine folks from Gillette have ponied up for another of what are becoming a plethora of sponsored posts around these parts. Gillette Pro Glide would like us to detail five top defensive plays from the previous game and poll our readers (you guys) to find out which was the best play.

Well, to be honest here I can't find five plays the Giants' defense made against the Eagles that I would like to talk about. I can think of one -- Prince Amukamara's interception of a long ball thrown for DeSean Jackson the very first time a pass was thrown in Amukamara's direction.

Beyond that, I've got nothing. Maybe a nice play or two by Mathias Kiwanuka, and a couple of nice run stops by Mark Herzlich or Chris Canty. But, really, I've got nothing.

So, let's do that instead. Let me ask you guys if you can actually come up with five top defensive plays by the Giants. List 'em out if you can.