What BBV has taught me, and what I have figured out on my own

(thanks for the forum, apologies for the draftish nature)

What BBV has taught me:

I started coming here in 2008, AFTER the Giants had won the Superbowl. A real bandwagon jumper: I had stayed up to watch XXI by myself at age 9 and fallen in love with the Giants, watched alone again for wide right, finally had a huge obnoxious mocking crowd for XXXV ... I remember Jim Burt, and Carl Banks, and Landeta, and 15-13.

I came here in 2008 because of the uber-dominance of the Internet and the fact that Youtube and every newspaper in the world simply could not feed me enough recaps of what the Giants had just done. I came here because it's the best damn Giants site on the web.

BBV has changed me from a fan who started in week 1 to a fan who watches mock drafts. From a fan who knew the stars to a fan who knows the OL depth chart. Now, when I think about serious fandom, it's now "Do you know who your OC & DC are?" It's do you know where they came from, and what their strengths and weaknesses are?"

BBV has taught me that I, a drunken fanatic, actually do NOT know more than a trained professional who spends 80, not (7?) a handful of hours a week thinking about it. BBV has taught me not to be a knee-jerk, lynch-mob, troll.

BBV has broadened the depth of my knowledge thanks to fanposts (12 or 21 personnel, anyone? God I miss that fuckin column) and the perspectives available.

BBV has brought me from a typical fan to a true die-hard. I start with mock-drafts, I keep my eye OFF the ball, I check the injury reports, I know what's happening and why as best as a fan can. Thanks to BBV.

Now let me go and piss of EVERYONE with a quote from Manny Ramirez.

"Why panic?" Ramirez said. "If we don't do it, we'll come back next year and try again."

Maybe the context means nothing (2004). But As a Sox fan, I have learned that Sports are not the be-all end-all. Frankly, when the Sox won it in 2007, it took me another month to realize that they were just the Pepsi to the Yankees' Coke, the Evil Empire Jr., and after a brief stint of trying to support the Milwaukee Brewers (because I'm an alcoholic) I basically stopped paying attention to baseball.

But it leads me back to a similar thought.

Why get too worked up? Maybe this is your year. Be glad it's a maybe.

There's a part of me that says the more you put in, the more you get out. The more you hurt, the more you exult.

But there's another part that cannot believe that grown men fight over strangers who know not nor care not about them. I mean really -- we're all people. It's just a game, here for our entertainment.

It's hard to put that into practice. I have gotten nasty with in-laws over Giants games. I have just about popped knuckle caps over bad calls. But really, it's kind of silly.

It should be here for your enjoyment. Yes, you should bleed a little when it's bad. Yes, you should exult and share in the victory (thank fucking God we're not Eagles fans). But mostly, you should enjoy it. Those guys we watch have chosen to dedicate their lives to entertaining us, and trying to make us happy. A big Kudos to each and every one of them.

After music (I'm a musician) the Giants are probably my number one hobby. But yaknow what? They're not my kids. They're not my income, or my future. They're just something I like. And I'm enjoying this season. And I'm going to enjoy next season. I think they're set up to be competitive for years to come. Thank God I wasn't born in Detroit or Buffalo or Philadelphia. They're gonna win that shit again. Until then, I ain't gonna stress.

And when they do, I will exult in it with all of you. Thanks for being here.

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