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Prince Amukamara Press Conference, Giants-Eagles Post-Game

Q: When you see Cruz make that third-down, did you think you guys had it?
A: Oh my gosh. Yeah, I think we're about to go to overtime and then after that we just lost the ball. But it happens.

Q: How frustrating is it defensively to see them convert six third-downs and use up eight minutes and 59 seconds?
A: Third down is a money down, especially for the DBs. We have to make a play and get off the field. And we didn't make a play. I guess we just have to go back, look at the film and see what happened and just fix the corrections.

Q: You said you're sore, how's your foot?
A: My foot is good. Medicine does wonders. I didn't really feel it out there. I felt like my old self.

Q: Was there pressure on this game knowing your schedule?
A: Yes. Yes, for sure. This was a huge game for us, especially because, we don't like to live in the past, but to overlap the last year. Even though we did beat them earlier in the season, this is our home turf and we have to defend it and win our home games. It would have been big for us in the [division] and that's our goal to win the [division]. We didn't finish the task at hand.

Q: Were you totally confident in your foot?
A: I wasn't thinking about my foot at all.