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Mark Herzlich Press Conference, Giants-Eagles Post-Game

Q: Didn't you feel like you had them under control for the first three quarters?
A: Containing McCoy is hard task. It's something we definitely set out to do at the beginning of the week. We did for the most part. Obviously that last run doesn't taste good at all. But we have to [contain McCoy] and then what we didn't do is we didn't stop the big plays and that's what we talked about too. We can't let the big plays on third down. We can't have missed tackles happen and that's something that will hurt us.

Q: What was it like to be on defense at that crunch time?
A: That's what you live for. That's why we play the game. You don't want to go play a game in a situation where your play doesn't matter and our play mattered at that point. We need to rise up. I think we have the mentality to rise up. I need to execute better. That's something I can do to help the team.

Q: Did you see anything in particular as to the reason why you couldn't stop that last drive?
A: I think that part of playing defense is staying resilient. Two yards on first down, that's a win. Two yards on second down, that's a win. If we lose a third down, that's still a loss for the drive and that's when we have to step up. Win every down and force the punt.

Q: What was Coach's message after the game?
A: We talked last week about fighting back and really putting it all out there and I think that that's something that we need to see next week. Everybody needs to go out. Everybody needs to look themselves in the mirror, myself included, and that's the only way that we're going to get better and that's the only way we can be the team we want to be and get to the playoffs.

Q: When you put this behind you will you feel good about this? Will you feel more confident?
A: I'll have more confidence from being out there. No I won't feel good about it. When you're a player, you don't ever feel good about a loss. It doesn't matter what you do right. You never feel good about a loss.