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Hakeem Nicks Press Conference, Giants-Eagles Post-Game

Q: Did you feel as if you guys played tough tonight?

A: As an offense, I don't feel that we played tough. I can't speak for the defense but as for the offense, I do not feel that we played tough. I feel that we let them get the best of us in certain situations. We let them get that extra edge on us but we really need to look at this on film and see what we really have to do.

Q: What do you all feel happened out there?

A: We just weren't clicking as an offense. I feel like their defense outplayed us and I feel like we weren't as physical. We need to look at the things we did wrong and then we have to come back because we've got a big one next week and we need to look at that.

Q: Is it frustrating when you see the offense get going in a two-minute situation? Would you like to see more shotgun or more no-huddle?

A: That is out of my hands. It is frustrating sometimes but you just need to control what you can control and make plays when you are called on.