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Victor Cruz Press Conference, Giants-Eagles Post-Game

Q: Why did it take so long for the offense to get going?

A: I don't know. I guess it just took us a little while to figure them out. They were doing some different coverages and things like that so it just took us awhile to get going.

Q: Do you feel like you had enough time to run your routes? It looked like Eli was a little hassled back there.

A: Obviously as a receiver all you can do is run your route and hope that Eli has enough time back there to get you the ball but he was getting harassed and there were some times where he was getting flushed out of the pocket and things like that. As a receiver, you can't worry about things like that. We have to be worried about getting open and giving him a safety valve to go to if he gets flushed out.

Q: Can you take us through the play that you scored a touchdown on?

A: It was a route where me and Mario switched positions. There was some confusion mid-route on who would take who and I managed to get behind

Q: Were the Eagles really trying to disrupt things early on with your routes?

A: Not necessarily on the routes. It was more when we got in two-minute situations or in the second half. They had someone over the top of me to really try to push me and disrupt my routes so I couldn't get off as clean as I was getting off in the first half.