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Eli Manning Press Conference, Eagles-Giants Post-Game

Can you talk about the offense's lack of production?

Just couldn't get anything going. We had trouble running the ball, had some penalties, had some drops, and just never got in good rhythm. Had third and longs and against this team it is tough when you have third and longs, they have a good pass rush. We just never got in a rhythm at all. Our defense was playing outstanding; we had good field position at times off turnovers and couldn't do anything. We have to find a way to get things going a little bit. We can't put that much pressure on our defense.

Take us through that last play with the fumble?

Just moved up in the pocket. Was looking down the middle, trying to get (Jake) Ballard down the middle. I knew it wasn't going to be there so I was trying to get my eyes back to (Mario) Manningham. We had him on a little underneath route and I was going to throw it to him. As I was going through that thinking process, that is when I got hit from behind. I need to do a better job holding onto the ball in that circumstance.

Did you feel his presence at all?

No, I didn't feel him chasing me down. I felt something early on and that is why I stepped up and started running right, but I didn't feel anybody coming behind me.

How difficult was it to get back out there after the Eagle's long touchdown drive?

At that point we did a good job of getting down there. We had a penalty, had intentional grounding called, but we bounced back from that and got a big chunk of that back the next play and then hit Victor (Cruz) on a quick throw that got down to the 21-yard line. There was still plenty of time and we were right there in good position to go tie that game up and obviously the next play they made a big play and got the turnover.

Two weeks in a row you've had the chance to tie the game in the end. Is that doing anything for the offense's confidence in those situations?

Well it is just a matter of we can't keep waiting until the fourth quarter to start playing. That is the circumstance. We can't always afford to be in those positions. I think we still feel confident when we get in there that we are going to move the ball and we are going to give ourselves a chance to win, it is just a matter of you don't always want to be in that. You never know when that weird play is going to happen, a fumble or last week a tipped ball, you can't always account for those things. It is just a matter of playing better football for four quarters and not waiting until the end of the game.

How much was the offensive line's play a factor in this game?
They are a good defense, we knew that coming in. They have played a lot of games and you look at the record and you look at games they have had leads going into the fourth quarter and just found ways to lose them at times. We obviously got one touchdown in the fourth and we were feeling like maybe we had the momentum change, but they did a good job driving down and getting the touchdown. Their front four is talented, they get good pressure. We finally started hitting a few things, but their front four is very talented.

Are you concerned about a second half slide like the past couple years?


No. We just have to keep working, keep fighting, make sure we are playing better football than we are this game. It wasn't a good game. We didn't have our best effort out there. I don't know why. I wish I had a reason. They played well, they played better than we did, and it is unfortunate.

Do you have a sense of urgency going to New Orleans this week?

I think every game there is an urgency to get a win. Obviously going into New Orleans we know it is going to be a tough atmosphere and we are playing a good team. It is just a matter of having great preparation and going out there and playing better football than we did today.

Were you surprised that no flag was called on the late hit on you after the interception?

Yeah, I think they did throw a flag on it and then obviously I think we retaliated and they called a flag on both sides.

Is it surprising they shut your offense down tonight?

I think you always feel good about your game plan, feel good that you are going to have some opportunities to hit some plays, but tonight we did not. We had a few opportunities, but for whatever reason something happened that prevented us from moving the ball. We were going backwards, we got stuck in third and long situations and it is tough to convert on those things. We just have to find ways to get better. I don't think it is just one thing; that is just the game of football. Ten guys could be doing their job and you could have a great opportunity and one guy makes a little mistake and the play is not a success. All guys working together is the only way you can be successful on each play.

Are you starting to feel pressure by the lack of running game this season?

No. I think we always try to establish and get the run game going, we just didn't have much success. We have to keep staying with it, try to open up some lanes, and then try to throw it a little better on first and second down to loosen up the defense. Both the run and pass need to improve. Neither was very good tonight.

Where was Mario Manningham on the last play?

He should have been kind of right in front of me. He had a little five-yard in route. He should have been very close to me and I had an opportunity to get him the ball.

How much are you paying attention to the standings and where the Dallas Cowboys are?

Obviously at this point, we have six games left now. You are aware where everybody sits and you are aware of what all the records are. We know we have a six-game season right now and we still have to play the Cowboys twice, we have to play Washington, we have a tough schedule. It starts next week with New Orleans. Every game is important now, every game is big, and we have to have a little rally here and start playing better football.

Did you notice in the game tonight if the Eagles were especially ‘chippy?'

No. They always play physical football when we play them. We knew coming in that they were talented in their front four, they get good pressure, and they rotate guys in to keep them fresh. They played well. They played better than we did from an offensive standpoint. Their defense played better than our offense.

Did you think it was a dirty play when they hit you after the one interception?

I know what d-linemen are taught after an interception, go find the quarterback. I think it was going to be penalized, I saw them throwing the flag when I looked at the ref, but it is what it is.