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Tom Coughlin Press Conference, Eagles-Giants Post-Game

Opening Remarks
That is the biggest disappointment that we have had around here in a long time. I didn't like the way we played. I know our offensive line was completely outplayed by the front eight of Philadelphia. Our defense did some good things in the first half but the second half was not very good and not what you like. Top it off by putting ourselves in position to tie the game and go into overtime and again we have penetration, breakdowns in protection, somebody gets beat and the quarterback doesn't see him. We didn't protect the ball and the ball comes out, so the opportunity to give ourselves a touchdown there with overtime coming forward doesn't happen. I thought, with exception of the one punt, we did okay in that department. Our coverage in the game was good but we punted too many times. We have no first downs to show, we have no yardage to show, we have no rushing yardage with 29 yards, which is about as pathetic as it can get. It was a very poor performance.

Q: Why were there so many third and long situations?
A: We didn't make any yardage on first and second down. It was what they were doing; it wasn't what we were doing because we didn't do anything.

Q: Why has the offensive line had so much trouble running the ball this season?
A: Not only running the ball but pass protection. We got physically handled. I have to look at it. As I just said to each one of the players, first start off with yourself and look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself. Because my question for them was ‘why?' What does it take to understand what the Eagles were going to be like coming here? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that the team is 3-6 with their backs to the wall, they are going to play their butts off. To get to where we wanted to go, we had to play better and harder and we didn't. I am very disappointed because coming out of San Francisco the talk was -- by the players -- we will fight, we will fight, we will play hard and we will do all those things. I didn't see that. I saw the penalties. I saw the skirmishes, the things that become a thing of discipline and the things that take away your focus from the game. That may have had an effect on us in the early going. Instead of the team rallying around when the quarterback got hit with a personal foul when the guy drove the quarterback in the back, you would think your team would rally but we didn't do that. We had someone come forward and try to retaliate but that did nothing more than take our 15-yard penalty away. I would have expected to rally but I didn't see that either.

Q: Do you have an update on Aaron Ross and did you expect Prince to play as much as he did?
A: We did not and if Ross did not have to come in and out with his thigh, that probably would not have happened. We had a certain segment in the game that he was supposed to play but it turned into more. Without seeing the tape, I would say he played pretty well for a kid who just came out there.

Q: What about your pass rush?
A: I didn't see that either. They blocked us. I think they got us three times and we got them once.

Q: Did you see a lot of crossing routes without having Michael Boley in the game?
A: Pretty much everybody does that now and that's been the way it has been for three straight weeks now. It will be an occasional ball outside or deep. I think that on the last touchdown with the crosser, it will probably prove to be an error. I can't say right now but it looked like an error.

Q: Is your offensive line lacking physicality?
A: Tonight, it was. I wouldn't generalize but I would say specifically tonight it was.