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Steve Smith Back To Giants? Schefter Says There Is A Chance

Many of you have speculated here about the possibility that Steve Smith could return to the New York Giants next season after he plays out his one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, tonight's Giants opponent at MetLife Stadium. Well, Adam Schefter is reporting today that a Smith-Giants reunion could be more than a fantasy.

"Don't be surprised if he also returns there next season," Schefter reported on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown on Sunday morning. "Sources close to Smith say he is open to returning to the Giants next season once his contract expires after this year."

"We know that Eli Manning has a very comfortable relationship with Steve Smith," Schefter continued. "Mario Manningham also is a free agent and there's a chance that Steve Smith could wind up back in New York with the Giants."

Reality is, the Giants were right about Smith in their belief that he would not be healthy and productive for at least the first half of the season. The other reality is that Smith, though he woh't admit it and has said he has not regrets about the move to Philly because the Eagles offered him the best contract, has to know that his long-term future is not in Philadelphia.

So, keep that in mind tonight while you are at MetLife Stadium booing Smith.