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Week 11 NFL Preview: Let's Go Redskins!

From 1 p.m. ET until a little bit after 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon Big Blue View is officially being designated a temporary Washington Redskins' Fan Zone. That is because the Redskins can do the Giants a huge favor today by finding a way to get a victory when they host the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, no one thinks Rex Grossman, Barry Cofield and company can pull that off. The reeling Redskins are 3-6, and pretty much everyone outside the Giants locker room has already anointed the 5-4 Cowboys as NFC East champions. But, hey, pulling for the impossible can be fun.

While you are rooting for the Redskins, you might also want to pull for the Carolina Panthers to upset the Detroit Lions and the San Diego Chargers to get out of their own way long enough to defeat the Chicago Bears this afternoon. Both the Lions and Bears are 6-3 and could be in competition with the Giants for a wild-card playoff berth if it comes to that for New York.

Use this as an Open Thread to discuss the day's action. Enjoy!