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Steve Smith? Giants Look Like Winners On That Score

Every New York Giants fan remembers the reaction when Steve Smith stunned the Giants by accepting a free-agent contract offer from the Giants' bitter rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. All the hatred spewed toward Smith on Facebook. All the 'how could you let this happen' venom poured in the direction of Giants' GM Jerry Reese.

Well, in case you have not been paying attention to the production in Philly of the receiver formerly known as SS12, it looks more and more every day like the Giants were right about Smith. The Giants felt that Smith would not be ready, or at least would not be productive, for much of this season following microfracture surgery.

Smith fooled everyone by being active for Philadelphia's first game. His play -- or lack thereof -- though, is showing that Reese and the Giants were right.

While Victor Cruz was making seven catches Sunday against Miami for 99 yards, including the 25-yard game-winning grab, Smith did not play a single snap for Philadelphia in its game against Dallas. Smith has five catches for the entire season for the Eagles, and has played just a total of 10 snaps in the last three weeks. Cruz has 28 catches, four touchdowns and his 17.8-yards per catch average shows he is more of a big-play threat than Smith, a classic possession receiver, ever was.

There was even a recent report that the Eagles made Smith available at the trade deadline.

Score one for the Giants here. And who knows, Smith could even be back in blue next season when he should be completely healthy. He is, after all, a free agent at the end of the season. Wouldn't that be interesting?