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Bill Belichick Seems To Be Under Fire In New England

The New York Giants' opponent this week, the New England Patriots, have not won a Super Bowl since 2005. The more you read about the Pats the more you realize that Bill Belichick, the guy who used to be considered smarter than everybody else, is under some fire in Massachusetts.

Mike linked to a story this morning in which former Patriot Rodney Harrison ripped the scheme being used by the New England secondary.

SB Nation Boston is wondering if Belichick, who now wears multiple hats within the New England organization, is stretched too thin.

Here is part of what SB Nation Boston wrote about Belichick:

One look at the defensive roster should give you an idea as to why this unit has struggled so badly. Players like Gary Guyton, Rob Ninkovich, Tracy White, Antwaun Molden, and Brandon Deadrick simply don't belong on the field in an NFL game as regular contributors. In addition, the roster is loaded with aging, faded veterans like Shaun Ellis, Andre Carter, Albert Haynesworth, and Gerard Warren that also can't be counted on week to week. Finally, the younger group of players has been beset by injuries or outright lousy play from the likes of Devin McCourty and Jermaine Cunningham.

As people have begun to come around to the realization of the staggering lack of talent and depth with this group, it's important to acknowledge that there is no mystery General Manager or Defensive Coordinator calling the shots on this. The man in charge of personnel and of organizing this group is everyone's untouchable icon, Bill Belichick.

Given his outstanding track record as a coach and his keen eye for talent, the move to grant the coach more power certainly made sense, but knowing what we do now, it seems to be too much responsibility for just one man to handle.

Here is another take on Belichick's personnel decisions from Comcast Sportsnet:

The notion that the Patriots should hire a GM to take the personnel duties off of Bill Belichick's full plate may seem intriguing at first thought. But then give it a second one.

Will that GM have say over Belichick? Will that GM come from outside the organization?

Think Belichick is going to sign off on answering to someone at this juncture no matter how many high-draft picks have gone belly-up and free-agent signings have gone bust? Me, neither.

But if someone else in some other town had fanned on almost the entire 2006 draft, the entire 2007 draft, top-50 picks in '08 and '09, Adalius Thomas, Shawn Springs, Derrick Burgess, Tully Banta-Cain, Leigh Bodden, Chad Ochonono, Shaun Ellis and Albert Haynesworth? Right, that guy would be sitting next to Eric Mangini and Herm Edwards in Bristol.

This stuff doesn't mean anything when it comes to Sunday's game. I just find it interesting that Belichick, a guy who's decisions used to be above reproach, is now being questioned.