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New York Giants News and Notes: Seeing Green Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's go time, and it's go time during Eagles week. Back in Week 3, both of these teams were 1-1 and I, for one, had no expectations that we would go into Philly and win. But that's exactly what happened, and you might say the Eagles began their downward spiral when the Giants beat them, 29-16. That's not 100 percent true, though, as Philly beat the Redskins and Cowboys in back to back weeks, crushing Dallas 34-7 at home in a convincing Sunday night contest before losing to Chicago and Arizona at home. But while the Eagles may be 3-6, beating them again won't be easy, and the stakes are extremely high.

Fourth quarter the Giant difference -
It started with Andy Reid's decision not to punt. The Eagles faced a fourth-and-1 on the Giants' 43-yard line while clinging to a two-point lead early in the fourth quarter Sept. 25 at Lincoln Financial Field. Instead of pinning the Giants deep in their territory, Reid had his offense try to gain a yard. The Giants stuffed LeSean McCoy 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Michael Vick left the game with an injury. Bolstered by the defensive stand, the Giants scored two touchdowns to secure a 29-16 victory. In one afternoon, the Giants shook their six-game losing streak to the Eagles and created an unbridled confidence in the team's prospects late in games.

But that was then, and this is now. And we have unfinished business.

As 'X' factor, Giants WR Hakeem Nicks' unique skills draw extra attention |
In the NFL, players like Fitzgerald, Johnson or Plaxico Burress become No. 1 wide receivers and high draft picks because they combine size with speed and/or athletic ability. They play the "X," or split end, spot because their big bodies allow them to create space even though they’re on the line of scrimmage, often against a cornerback lined up only a yard away and with help from a safety. Those players command double-teams because they’re able to get away from that first line of pass defense. Such has been the case with Nicks, who has seen lots of attention from defenses in recent weeks, particularly in the red zone.

Justin Tuck calls himself a Giant mess for his miserable and injury-plagued season for NY Giants - NY Daily News
Tuck will be looking for redemption Sunday against the Eagles. In the teams’ first matchup this season, Tuck couldn’t fight off nagging neck and groin injuries and watched the final moments of the Giants’ upset victory from the sideline. Even though Tuck rested for the next month, his woes have lingered, robbing him of his athleticism and keeping him from routinely practicing. He insists that he’s not tentative, that he is playing as aggressively as he can. But the pass-rushing repertoire isn’t completely there, and his staple moves just don’t work as they once did.

Philadelphia Eagles 'Dream Team' having nightmare season and could continue vs. NY Giants with Michael Vick hurt - NY Daily News
Welcome to Philadelphia, where a season that was supposed to be a Dream has become a nightmare, with the Eagles - possibly without Michael Vick - limping into MetLife Stadium with a 3-6 record, no margin for error and a successful head coach on the hot seat. But there is also defiance, not only against those calling for Andy Reid’s ouster, but against Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb, who said in a radio interview Wednesday that he aided Arizona’s cornerbacks by predicting and calling out plays during his team’s 21-17 comeback victory in Philadelphia last week.

Ouch. When it gets bad in Philly or New York, it gets really bad.

Giants rookie Prince Amukamara closing in on NFL debut |
It looks like Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara will finally make his NFL debut Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. The first-round draft pick participated fully in practice Thursday for the first time since breaking his foot during training camp and took part in about 60 snaps between the first team, scout team and special teams.

Ahmad Bradshaw gives boot the boot as NY Giants RB tries to come back from broken foot - NY Daily News
Ahmad Bradshaw has shed the walking boot on his fractured right foot and ditched the scooter that was helping him around the Giants’ facility. His next step will be to test himself at practice, which he "definitely" plans to do next week, in the hopes of playing on Monday night, Nov. 28, in New Orleans.

The scooter? Does Bradshaw think he is George Costanza?

Giants WRs in wrong places on, off field - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
While this was a far cry from the Plaxico Burress(notes) case, it served for the usual spiel from coach Tom Coughlin about how "nothing good ever happens after 11 p.m." Sadly, in the land where Frank Sinatra and so many other entertainers have made a living on the sex appeal of the wee small hours of the morning, Coughlin has a hard time selling that. But here’s the greater point: For as talented as the Giants’ receiving corps has proved to be with guys like Cruz performing so well, the group’s targets have had problems knowing where to be. Specifically, on at least half of Eli Manning’s(notes) eight interceptions this season, the problem has been tied to the receiver being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Interesting, albeit weird, analogy.

Eli Manning: Peyton 'could be back this year' | The Indianapolis Star |
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning indicated that older brother Peyton's recovery from neck surgery might allow him to return to the Indianapolis Colts before the end of this season.

Seriously, the Colts are 0-10. The only reason Peyton might be back is if he is that fearful of losing his job to Andrew Luck. But in all honesty, how many years does the guy have left? And Aaron Rodgers toiled on the bench behind Brett Favre's waffle routine for three years. But hey, this is a Giants' community! And we have a big game Sunday night at MetLife Stadium! Let's get our game faces on, everyone, and let's have our antacids ready.