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Tom Coughlin Press Conference, 11.17.11

Opening Remarks
Good afternoon. Beatty's back was bothering him so we decided to get him off his feet so that we didn't have any issue with that going forward.

Q: Will he practice tomorrow?
A: I hope so, we will see.

Q: What is the update on Boley?
A: Day-to-day but he didn't go today. Same with Bradshaw before that gets asked.

Q: Is this a new issue for Beatty?
A: From time to time he has had trouble.

Q: Yesterday, Andy Reid got emotional after hearing your comments about his team. When you are in the middle of the season, do you have sympathy for what another coach is going through?
A: It wasn't sympathy. That was fact. There was no sympathy intended there. It is fact and that is what I think.

Q: Do you look from afar and feel for him and what he is going through?
A: During the season, you are so engrossed in what you are doing that you really don't have an idea of what is going on elsewhere. It is not really time to think about those kinds of things. You have to stay to the grindstone and keep working. He is a friend and I do admire and respect what he has accomplished down there.

Q: How has Jernigan looked this week?
A: Not bad, he is flying around.

Q: Are you hoping that he can take over the kick returning duties?
A: That is what we were thinking and that is why he went in there.

Q: Did his getting hurt stop that thinking?
A: No, it didn't.

Q: Is Justin Tuck still working his way back in?
A: I don't know if he is working his way back in. We certainly see that he is not to where he wants to be. Hopefully that is coming.

Q: Is his neck still hurting him at all?
A: I don't think so. I think he is beyond that one.

Q: Is Prince's foot still in issue?
A: We have been told that he is cleared to go and however fast we want to move him along, we move him along.

Q: So is he limited in terms of what you allow him to do?
A: Limited means that he does everything.

Q: He said that you said you notice him limping?
A: That is my way. ‘Prince, I saw you and you were limping.'

Q: That's not nice...
A: That is something that I have never been accused of.

Q: How about this division game on Sunday night?
A: Nothing bigger. Nothing more important and nothing more exciting.

Q: Is Prince limping?
A: No, he is not.

Q: How has Stacy Andrews been for you this year?
A: When he has been available, he has performed in that big tight end role and he has done a good job of that.

Q: When you look at him, do you see his brother at all?
A: I think you can tell they are in the same family. I give a lot of credit to his mom for feeding those guys.

Q: How has this week of practice gone so far?
A: They are working hard and they are focused. They are flying around. It is a week of concentrating on the little things and the details. We still have a little work to do in that area.

Q: Will Herzlich see more time on defense if Boley can't play?
A: It is possible and, God willing, he is dressed.

Q: What have you seen from him?
A: He is physical and he is smart. He has played that role on special teams all year.

Q: Is Ramses Barden looking more comfortable in the offense?
A: He has, yes.

Q: In what ways?
A: His routes, he looked quicker to me today.

Q: When do you start paying attention to the division standings?
A: I am always paying attention to the division. That is the one thing we make sure every Friday that the team is aware of. The division and where everybody is playing in the division and what the repercussions are. We are always into the divisional aspects of it.

Q: When did the word come down that Prince is ready to go?
A: He has been limited until this week, in terms of how many reps he has taken as well. This week, we haven't been concerned with how many reps he takes. This is the first time that has happened.

Q: How confident are you that he can get the defense down?
A: He has to prove that part but he seems like he has not had a problem with that part.

Q: Since there is no resume for a rookie you just have to put him out there right?
A: Yes, he has to start building one.

Q: How close is he to doing that?
A: This is the middle of the third week, so I think he is pretty close.