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Vince Young: Giants Can't Take Him Lightly

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Vince Young might be 'Michael Vick Lite' when it comes to being an NFL quarterback. That, however, does not mean the New York Giants should take Young lightly if he has to play for the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday due to the broken ribs Vick sustained last Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Giants have seen Young twice during Young's six-year NFL career, both while Young was the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee won both of those games.

One of those, of course, was the 2006 game when Mathias Kiwanuka pulled up on a sack that would have clinched the victory for the Giants, instead allowing Young to scramble for a first down and lead the Titans to a game-clinching score. Kiwanuka, and all Giants fans, will not enjoy the memory in the video below:

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Last season Young completed 10-of-16 passes for just 118 yards in a game in East Rutherford, but the Giants imploded with penalties and turnovers in a 29-10 loss to Tennessee.

If he starts Sunday it will be Young's first start of the season. He has thrown just one pass this year, and that was intercepted. He admits also that he is "not where I want to be" in terms of comfort with the Philadelphia offense.

"Each week, from studying, I’m getting better and better each day," Young said. "I’m not where I want to be at because this is my first year here. But overall, I really feel like Marty, Doug Pederson and Mike [Vick] are doing a great job making sure I know the plays.

"It's definitely [a] wordy, very, very detailed offense."

Regardless, the Giants have had enough problems with Young in the past. If they want to be a playoff team, they need to make sure Sunday does not turn into another one.