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Five Questions With 'Bleeding Green Nation'


Time for our weekly segment with the lead writer from the opposing team's SB Nation website, which means 'Five Questions' today with JasonB of Bleeding Green Nation.

Before I delve into the questions and answers I am going to remind you all to play nice. There were some bruised feelings and some nonsense Wednesday after the dueling 'Are The Giants A Playoff Team' posts. Let's not go down that road again, please.

Ed: A couple of weeks ago it looked like the Eagles had gotten turned around after their poor start, now two bad losses in a row at home. What went wrong?

Jason: An easier question might be "what didn't go wrong?" And my answer to that would be nothing. Easy right?

But in case you were looking for something more nuanced, I think the problems are fairly obvious. The team folds in the fourth quarter of games and the defense stinks.

Ed: Can the Juan Castillo as a defensive coordinator move be termed a failure at this point?

Jason: I don't see how it couldn't. There's no positives from the defense. They can't stop the run. He's got one of the top 2 or 3 man coverage CBs in the NFL and has completely misused him in a zone scheme. Nnamdi Asomugha covered Larry Fitzgerald for something like 35 snaps last week and Fitzerald had no catches. Nnamdi had a pick.

Yet on the pivotal play of the game, Castillo has Nnamdi covering the slot WR while Fitzgerald ends up on a rookie safety in single coverage. It's comical.

Ed: Just like there are Giants fans who cry for Tom Coughlin's head every time the Giants lose I know there are Eagles fans wanting Andy Reid fired. If the Eagles don't make the playoffs, which looks likely at this point, is Reid is real jeopardy of losing his job?

Jason: Sure, I'd say so. There are no permanent jobs in the NFL and I think we saw with Jeff Fisher last year that even the longest tenured guys aren't safe. In the end, I think it will depend a lot on how the team finishes. If they got their act together down the stretch here and played better, then maybe the team chalks up the bad start to too many new players and no offseason (I don't think that's the reason or a valid excuse btw) and brings back Andy for next year.

But if this really goes bad over the last half and they finish with a top ten pick or something, then sure I think Andy could be gone.

Ed: Your thoughts on Steve Smith at this point? By the way, Giants fans thoroughly watching his catch-and-flop routine two yards short of a first down the other day on a fourth-down play.

Jason: I don't really have many thoughts on Steve Smith. He hasn't really played until last week and he obviously wasn't very good. I'm sure he's not totally healthy, but what difference does it make? He's not been a part of any solutions.

Ed: In the midst of everything that has gone wrong, there have to be some players or some things with this team you feel really good about. Who are they?

Jason: LeSean McCoy. The team may not have even won the three games they did without him. And I certainly wonder whether they might have won a few more if they would have relied on him more heavily in the games they lost. This is a guy who leads the NFL in TDs and is 2nd in rushing yards and we've seen them take the ball out of hands in close games. Not surprisingly they've lost those games.

He's as good as any back in the NFL right now.