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Are The Giants A Playoff Team? A Question Without An Answer

'Are The New York Giants A Playoff Team?' I meandered over to Bleeding Green Nation just a bit ago to see what Philadelphia Eagles fans were talking about as Sunday's game with the Giants approached, and I have to admit that headline made me chuckle.

I mean, it is a legitimate question without an easy answer right now. This not meant to start some sort of flame war, but I just found it ironic that I found fans of a 3-6 team that has no virtually no shot of making the playoffs unless it miraculously runs the table with seven straight season-ending victories debating whether or not the Giants are a playoff team.

BGN points to a Football Outsiders projection that has the Giants not making it to the playoffs. It's an ESPN Insider piece, so I will just take their word for what the projection says. At, the Giants are given a 51.1 percent chance of making the playoffs and the Dallas Cowboys 50.8 percent. For what it's worth, the Eagles have a 7.1 percent shot.

So, are the Giants a playoff team? Impossible to answer. They are talented enough. They have put themselves in good position to have a shot. The schedule is brutal, though, and they will have to earn it.

We will know the answer to the question in just a little more than seven weeks.