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New York Giants News and Notes: Ain't No Pity Party Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. You might think I am referring to us as fans, in that we shouldn't feel bad about losing a game we almost tied and could have easily won. But no, I'm talking about this week's opponent--the Philadelphia Eagles. Many picked them to win the NFC East, and for good reason. They re-loaded in a big way in the shortened off-season, prompting new backup QB Vince Young to anoint them "The Dream Team." But they are 3-6 and once again calling for Andy Reid's chubby cheeks on a platter. Michael Vick may not play Sunday, and DeSean Jackson was benched by his own coach for disciplinary reasons last Sunday a la Tom Coughlin. Ah, but we should have no pity on these guys. We have to kick them while they're down, sweep the season series and send them spiraling into 2012. We just have to. Meanwhile, let's see what else is going on this morning.....

New York Giants need to finish off Philadelphia Eagles - ESPN New York
Michael Vick's ribs are cracked. The Eagles' confidence is clearly shaken and the so-called Dream Team is in the midst of dealing with DeSean's drama along with its poor play on the field. The slumping Philadelphia Eagles return to MetLife Stadium ready to make the final stand of their season, and the task is simple for Tom Coughlin's team. The New York Giants must bury their division nemesis and strangle any life left in the Eagles' sinking season.

Giants can end Dream Team’s playoff pipe dream -
This is business, nothing personal — well, OK, it’s at least a little personal for the Giants whenever the Eagles are concerned. The Giants really have no reason to harbor any ill-will against Philadelphia coach Andy Reid other than hoping his team loses every game in excruciating fashion as some sort of cosmic payback for The Fumble in 1978 and The Meltdown in the Meadowlands just last year. Reid, though, could be some very round collateral damage if the Giants on Sunday put this dreadful Eagles season out of its misery.

DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick headline Eagles disappointments in 2011 - Don Banks -
It's somehow fitting, in that come-full-circle kind of way, that it's once again Giants week in Philadelphia. Because perhaps only the Eagles' annual trip to New York offers the ideal vantage point and perspective needed to stand back and survey just how much has been lost in such a short span of time in Philadelphia. When the last-place Eagles (3-6) continue their epic disaster of a season by taking the field against the first-place Giants (6-3) Sunday night at MetLife Stadium, it will be almost exactly 11 months since their memorable encounter there in mid-December of last year.

Nicks, Giants expect angry Birds on Sunday vs. Eagles -
The Giants have a chance to deliver a knockout blow to the Eagles’ hopes for a NFC East title when they host the supposed "Dream Team" Sunday night at MetLife Stadium. But they also know that their rivals won’t go down without a fight.

Indeed, for as bad as the Eagles have looked at times this season, they are a very dangerous team and should be taken as such. And we know TC and Big Blue will. Speaking of TC.....

NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin proving he deserves contract extension - NY Daily News
If there’s no second-half collapse, Coughlin should be in the running for NFL Coach of the Year. But if there is a collapse, he’ll undoubtedly hear the annual screams that it’s time to give someone else his job. That’s the unfair and unfortunate tightrope Coughlin has always walked in New York - unfair, at least, since he was rescued from the actual chopping block by the Giants’ run to Super Bowl XLII four years ago. He’ll be walking it again if things go bad, because he got a one-year contract extension after last season, and since the Giants don’t let coaches go into the final year of their deals, they’ll have to decide to give him another one (or not) when this year is over.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. If the C-word comes into play here again, the buzzards are going to be circling Coughlin the way they are circling Reid in Philly. But Coughlin really has held his team together despite numerous injuries to key players.

Giants' Jake Ballard reacts to questionable play involving 49ers' Patrick Willis |
Eli Manning took the snap out of the shotgun and immediately looked in the direction of his tight end, Jake Ballard, who had receptions of 17 and 15 yards on the previous series. Only Ballard still hadn’t turned around. "Patrick Willis put his head down and wrapped me up," said Ballard, who was unloading turkeys at the Community Foodbank of New Jersey in Hillside along with three teammates Tuesday afternoon. "It’s kind of like he tackled me.

Giants' Antrel Rolle says Greg Jones should have covered 49ers' Vernon Davis on touchdown |
In his weekly spot on WFAN, Giants safety Antrel Rolle confirmed what Tom Coughlin and LB Greg Jones said: Jones should’ve covered San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis on Davis’ 31-yard touchdown Sunday.

Cowboys a more complete team than Giants
At worst, the Cowboys (5-4) should be in a tie for first in the division when they host the Giants on Dec. 11. The schedule makers were incredibly kind to the Cowboys during the holiday season. They'll be heavily favored to win the next three games against the Redskins, Dolphins and Cardinals. Even though the Dolphins are coming to Cowboys Stadium for Thanksgiving, that still seems like the biggest test during this important stretch.

Let's hope that game does have lots of meaning, and let's hope I remember to stock up on antacids.