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Power Play of The Week

The 'Power Play of the Week' for Sunday's game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers has to be the Giants final offensive play in their 27-20 loss to the 49ers.

As you recall, Eli Manning's fourth-and-two pass from the San Francisco 10-yard line was batted down by Justin Smith of the 49ers, effectively ending the game. It is debatable that the pass would have been completed, anyway, and coach Tom Coughlin was adamant Monday that linebacker Patrick Willis held tight end Jake Ballard on the play as he tried to release from the line of scrimmage.

"I think that it's safe to say that that was defensive holding, yes," Coughlin said.

Appearing on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio New York, Giants quarterback Eli Manning agreed.

"Patrick Willis just wouldn't let Jake Ballard - obviously he lowered his head like Ballard had the ball already and tackled him," Manning said.

-- Watch the play and let us know what you thought.