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Game Ball of the Week Goes To Eli Manning

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I realize this is a tough call, and I realize I could have put this one up for a vote again. But looking at the entire game in San Francisco on Sunday, I don't think anyone on the Giants deserves the Game Ball more than quarterback Eli Manning. Yes, he had two interceptions, but Manning came within ten yards of rallying his team from two touchdowns down. His numbers were not brilliant--26 of 40 for 311 yards, with two touchdowns and the two picks, and a pedestrian 84.5 QB rating. You can also argue that Manning put a tad too much mustard on that potential game-tying pass that went off of Mario Manningham's fingertips.

But without Manning, the Giants have no chance in this game. On the Giants' final drive, he completed two fourth down passes--one on a perfectly thrown ball to Manningham, and one on a nice short route by Victor Cruz. Also, the touchdowns he threw to Manningham and Hakeem Nicks were so perfectly thrown, he couldn't have placed them in their hands any better. So Eli Manning, you get this week's Game Ball.