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New York Giants News and Notes: Can't Stand Losing Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants' fans, although it's not a great morning to actually BE a Giants (6-3) fan. Sunday marked the team's third loss of the season, 27-20 to the 49ers (8-1) on the road. Once again the Giants fell behind, and once again Eli Manning tried desperately to rally the team, which he almost did, coming up about ten yards short of tying the game. The Giants have this way of breaking our hearts sometimes, and they did just that yesterday. Here is some commentary about a loss that is surely going to sting for a while:

Our own Ed Valentine offered some of the reasons the game turned out the way it did at the mother ship.

To Tom Coughlin's disbelief, Eli Manning fails to pull out latest game for NY Giants in San Francisco - NY Daily News
The that it’s not an easy formula to sustain and the fact that the Giants have trailed or been tied in the fourth quarter of all but one of their games this season is a very dangerous sign. They may have one of the best records in the NFC and still be sitting in first in their division, but they’re also an injury-riddled team getting by with some overachieving play by replacement players, led by a quarterback in the midst of a remarkable year.

Giants fooled again by David Akers' onside kick in 49ers win |
The Giants learned last year how David Akers can be sneaky when it comes to surprise onside kicks. Or at least they should have. Akers, who caught the Giants off-guard with an onside kick during the Eagles’ 21-point fourth-quarter comeback at the Meadowlands last year, pulled off another one yesterday with his new team in the 49ers’ 27-20 victory here at Candlestick Park.

Regardless of how "perfect" Akers' execution and disguise were, it's hard to be a Giants' fan and not have buckets of venom well up inside of us when we see that guy line up to kick off or to kick a field goal (side note: does he EVER miss one against us?).

New York Giants run out of fourth-quarter magic against San Francisco 49ers - ESPN New York
Trailing by 14 points with 12:21 left, Eli Manning walked onto the field at Candlestick Park and was ready to do his best Joe Montana impression with yet another stirring comeback. For the seventh straight time this season, the New York Giants found themselves in a game that would be decided in the fourth quarter -- and Manning appeared poised to steal one from the upstart San Francisco 49ers. But Manning finally ran out of his fourth-quarter magic and the Giants literally let a nailbiter slip right through their fingernails, losing 27-20.

New York Giants team report: Indispensable Boley has hamstring injury - NFL - Sporting News
The Giants have come to view Boley, who is having his best season with the team, as an indispensable player. In the summer, Boley was asked to take over the duties of making the defensive calls after middle linebacker Jonathan Goff went down with a season-ending knee injury. Boley has succeeded in making the calls and getting the defense lined up.

Depending on what the news is today on the extent of Boley's injury, it was devastating to the Big Blue D to lose him in the middle of Sunday's game.

NY Giants Mario Manninghan regrets not diving for ball against San Francisco 49ers - NY Daily News
Manning later said the pass had been slightly ahead of his receiver, that it was the kind of throw that "you’re going to look at the film and hate yourself for." But to Manningham, it was his own fault, and it erased all the good things he had done.

Missed connections between Eli Manning and Mario Manningham are costly for Giants in loss to 49ers |
Manningham reached out for the ball with both hands. The ball tipped tantalizingly off of his right hand, then through his left, and as Manningham crashed to the turf, so did the ball. It was the kind of play that leaves you wondering: Did Manning misfire and overthrow his receiver? Could Manningham have laid out and caught the ball?

When you look at the replay, it would have been a remarkable, almost miraculous catch. But to be elite, you still have to find ways to catch passes like that; or to not overthrow the receiver by a fingertip.

Are Giants Too Reliant on Manning Magic? -
After another week without a 100-yard rusher (Brandon Jacobs led the Giants with 55 yards on 18 carries), are the Giants too reliant on Eli Manning’s late magic to lead them to victory?

Falcons' Smith panics on fourth down - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
So what can you say about Mike Smith’s controversial fourth-down decision other than to reference the most-famous four-letter word of the past week. Oops! On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach pulled a Rick Perry. He did what New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick did in 2009 against Indianapolis, going for it from deep in his own territory. But Belichick had better logic. He was playing with a lead, trying to run the clock out on the Colts. Smith rolled some huge, unnecessary dice against the New Orleans Saints with the NFC South lead on the line.

If you thought Tom Couglin was crazy going for it on fourth down in his own territory with about four minutes remaining, at least Manning converted, and at least it wasn't in overtime with the game completely and totally on the line.

Reid is to blame for Eagles' loss to Cardinals | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/14/2011
With this, his Eagles' latest new low, the issue stops being whether Andy Reid should return for a 14th season as head coach. He should not. After blowing a fourth-quarter lead for the fifth time, after falling to 3-6 with a roster full of expensive stars, after letting John Flipping Skelton outplay Michael Vick - after all that, the issue has become whether Reid can give owner Jeff Lurie even the flimsiest pretense for defying reason and bringing him back for 2012...This is what it looks like when the bottom falls out.

Well, we do need something to make us feel better the morning after a tough loss, and the fact that the Eagles lost again to a much less talented team is just that. But, of course, it won't make the hangover go completely away.