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New York Giants News And Notes: Justin Tuck, Justin Tryon, Eli Manning And More

Good morning, New York Giants fans. Here are your Tuesday morning news and notes.

Justin Tuck contributed to Sunday's victory by helping Mathias Kiwanuka with a key sack late in the fourth quarter. Coming back from neck and groin injuries Tuck was surprised to still be in the game.

"Honestly, I didn't think I was going to make it through the game. There's some things that I wish were feeling better than what they do, but like I said, I made it through the football game and we're just going to go forward coming up this week," Tuck said. "Honestly, the energy from the crowd there in the fourth quarter helped a lot. You kind of forget about some stuff. And then when the adrenaline comes down, I'm sitting there talking to you guys at the podium, ‘I kind of regret some of the decisions that I made during the game.' "

Giants place Justin Tryon on injured reserve, Hakeem Nicks gets good news on hamstring | New York Daily News
Cornerback Justin Tryon was placed on injured reserve Monday due to his broken arm. Tryon tweeted that he really hoped to avoid IR, and even shared an X-Ray of his broken wrist. It's pretty clear how badly it was broken.

You have to love Tryon's attitude, and wish him well. Drop by his Twitter page, @JTryon30, to send him a note of appreciation.

All-American: Cancer survivor joins NFL - 60 Minutes - CBS News

60 Minutes on CBS News: All-American: Cancer survivor joins NFL - Beating the odds in a fight against a deadly cancer for most people would mean staying alive. For Mark Herzlich, who was diagnosed with bone cancer while he was a football star at Boston College, living meant playing football in the NFL. Byron Pitts reports.

NFL Videos: Dressing up the rookies

Giants players hit up Party City to have some Halloween fun and find some memorable costumes for their rookies. The video is absolutely hilarious. Halloween was Monday, of course. This is still worth a look, though.

Eli Manning belongs in the MVP debate - NFC East Blog - ESPN

The Giants are 5-2 despite quite a number of flaws from which Manning's play has managed to save them. Many of the traditional elements on which the Giants have long been able to rely are failing them this season. They are a terrible running team, their 85.6 rush yards per game ranking ahead of only Seattle and Tennessee. They are poor at stopping the run, as only four teams -- Carolina, Detroit, Indianapolis and St. Louis -- have allowed more yards per game on the ground. They have scored only 10 more points this season than they have allowed, which makes the 5-2 record almost impossible. There are 13 teams in the league with better point differentials, and each of the other 10 teams that has at least five wins has a point differential of +40 or better.

Yet the Giants sit at 5-2 and comfortably in first place in the NFC East. What have they done that's legitimately exceptional? At what position or positions do they excel, week in and week out, at a level beyond that of their opponents? I can come up with two -- defensive line, where their deep rotation of pass-rushers makes the lives of quarterbacks miserable, and quarterback, where Manning is winning games by himself on offense. The offensive line has been awful and the run game absent.

What I find really amusing about this ESPN piece is that it was posted the same day I came out and said the same thing.

Giants' Eli Manning gets support from wide receivers over Tom Brady comments |

"I understand the rivalry, I understand Eli and seeing how he performed. That last drive to win the game was just phenomenal, man," the Giants’ wide receiver said Monday, as the Giants began moving past the victory over the Miami Dolphins and toward Sunday’s matchup with the New England Patriots. "That’s part of his confidence and his demeanor, why he’s so good and why he’s a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

"That’s always in the back of my mind. I never get flustered, I understand he’s been in this tough spot before, he’s been in these tough situations and he’ll pull through."

This comment from Cruz not only shows support for Manning, it shows how he leads this team he impacts the way the offense goes about its business.