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Seahawks 36, Giants 25: Post-Game Reactions

Here are some of the post-game reactions following the New York Giants 36-25 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin:

"We played poorly. When you don't deserve to win you don't win. We didn't compliment each other at all today. We had done that last week and I felt good about the end of the game - the way all three phases helped out - but this week, the sloppiness of the game, the turnovers. You're not going to win football games when you're handing people the ball, point blank range or whatever. So our woes continue with the rushing game, we didn't stop the run."

-- Full Coughlin Transcript

Giants' quarterback Eli Manning:

"They did good things and we didn't play especially well. As bad as we played, we still gave ourselves a chance to win in the fourth quarter. That's what you want to do. That's what you want to have. You want to be in those situations. You'd always like to have a lead going into the fourth quarter, protected. It isn't always going to happen that way. We're down 4 from the 5-yard line with a minute left. That's a great opportunity to score a touchdown and win the game. Obviously, we weren't able to do that."

Giants' cornerback Corey Webster:

"We had a lot of things that we did poorly. We turned over the ball and we left some out there on the field as a defense. We had some opportunities to make some plays and we didn't."

Giants' defensive end Dave Tollefson:

"It is embarrassing as a good as we have been playing the last couple weeks to come out here and lay an egg, embarrassing is the only way I can think of. It is at home and it is a game that we are not going to get back. They are in our conference and we have to play better than that."

Giants' tight end Jake Ballard:

"We turned the ball over and our defense got us some turnovers. We didn't do anything with it, we just gave it back to them. We have to score off turnovers and we can't give them the ball. That played a huge part in the game, that and we didn't get our run game started. That is how you lose a game."