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New York Giants News And Notes: Sunday Morning Reading Material

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Thanks to Mike for posting Saturday's notebook while I did something I have not done in ages. I took a complete day off from both BBV and SB Nation New York. Let's hope the Giants don't take today off against a Seattle Seahawks team they should be able to handle.

Here is some Sunday morning reading material for you.

Fan Q&A with Punter Steve Weatherford | Train-a Thought

Serby's Sunday Q & A with... Dave Tollefson -

Post columnist Steve Serby chatted with Giants defensive end Dave Tollefson, formerly a carpenter, about the Giants-Jets rivalry and playing with his high-profile defensive linemates.

Giants Vs. Seahawks: When New York Has The Ball - SB Nation New York

Giants Vs. Seahawks: When Seattle Has The Ball - SB Nation New York

This Week: Seattle (1-3) at New York (3-1) | Train-a Thought

Giants Gameday: Giants host Seattle Seahawks |

Giants should lose no sleep over Seattle | New York Daily News