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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 5

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Last Week: 13-3

Season Record: 46-18

Last week I had another good week and it was almost a perfect week for Giants fans with the Giants winning, and the Cowboys and Eagles losing. The Redskins won, but I think we'd all rather be chasing them than those other two teams. Okay, here we go.....

Philadelphia at Buffalo--I saw Michael Vick talking to reporters the other day, and he made reference to the fact that the Eagles are finally focused and that they feel they are about to turn a corner. The problem, however, is they are back on the road and facing a very explosive Bills' offense that can go toe to toe and point for point with Vick's offense. Bills 34, Eagles 31

New Orleans at Carolina--All logic points to the Saints, but my gut is not always logical. Panthers 27, Saints 26

Oakland at Houston--The Texans took a huge step to respectability and contention-talk by beating the defending AFC champs last weekend. To take another step Sunday, they will have to stop Darren McFadden, but then the Raiders will have to stop Arian Foster. Texans 31, Raiders 20

Kansas City at Indianapolis--Last week I correctly picked the Chiefs to beat the Vikings and win their first game of the season. This week I am picking the Colts to win their first game of the season. Colts 17, Chiefs 13

Cincinnati at Jacksonville--Two rookie QBs in Andy Dalton and Blaine Gabbert. I have to pick the team whose defense is playing better, and that's the Bengals. Oh wait, my gut is nagging me again. Jags 14, Bengals 10

Arizona at Minnesota--I was at this game last year when Brett Favre broke his own record for passing yards. This year I see mostly Adrian Peterson and I don't see Beanie running free like he did against the Giants. And I see Minnesota also notching their first W. Vikings 28, Cardinals 21

Seattle at NY Giants--I sincerely hope the Giants are taking the Seahawks as seriously as they say they are, and I sincerely hope that this game mirrors last year's match up, because we Big Blue fans wouldn't mind a relaxing Sunday. Giants 38, Seahawks 17

Tennessee at Pittsburgh--A friend of mine that lives in Pittsburgh said the sky is falling there. And now they face a team that is giving up a league-best 14.0 points per game and has a resurgent Matt Hasselbeck and a Chris Johnson that has not yet caught fire. My gut is saying something. I'm hungry again, and the Steelers win. Steelers 20, Titans 10

Tampa Bay at San Francisco--This might actually be one of the week's best games. Niners 23, Bucs 21

San Diego at Denver--I happen to think the Chargers are a mediocre 3-1 team. But they are playing a crappy Broncos' team this week. Chargers 30, Broncos 20

NY Jets at New England--Always an entertaining game, and I'd feel better about the Jets' chances if they had an actual running game. Patriots 24, Jets 16

Green Bay at Atlanta--I just can't pick against the Packers right now. Packers 37, Falcons 30

Chicago at Detroit--If the Bears lose this game, their playoff chances, even at this stage of the season, might be in serious jeopardy. Lions 24, Bears 20