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Giants Vs. Seahawks: Five Things To Watch

Hey, the New York Giants play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (1 p.m. ET/FOX). Seems like maybe the first time all week I have actually focused on that No Q&A this week with anyone from SB Nation's Seattle website, Field Gulls. Let's go through our weekly 'Five Things To Watch,' however.

1. Can The Giants Run The Football? We have been talking about this for a while. Inconsistency with the blocking, whether that be personnel or whether it is communication issues -- or both -- the Giants have got to get it solved. The weather is getting colder and soon it will be more difficult to pass the ball here in the Northeast. Oh, and the schedule gets tougher. Whether center David Baas plays or not, the Giants have got to start getting defenders knocked off the line of scrimmage and get some running lanes opened up.

2. Can The Giants' Defense Stop The Run? The answer to that question has been 'no,' at least for the past two weeks. The Giants, especially on their right side, have been a sieve against the run. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said this week that tackling and alignment issues are the primary problems.

3. Can The Giants Contain Leon Washington? The veteran return man is probably the most dangerous weapon the Seahawks have. Even though the punt and kick coverage has been somewhat better this season, recent Giants history tells us to hold our breath

4. Justin Tuck: If the Giants' defensive captain and best defensive player is able to play, how effective can he be? Tuck's neck injury appears to the primary concern, and it does not look like he will be 100 percent any time soon. The Giants' defense would look a lot different, especially against the run, with a healthy Tuck on the field.

5. The Giants' Intensity Level: We talked about this last week before the game against the Arizona Cardinals. This is a game the Giants should win -- one they have to win to be a playoff contender. No slip-up here allowed, so let's see if the Giants play with the urgency they showed against Philly and in the fourth quarter against Arizona.