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Corrected Week 4 PFF Grades

Here are the corrected Week 4 Pro Football Focus grades for the New York Giants. I am pretty much going to just pass these along without much comment, other than to say these make much more sense than the incorrect set posted earlier.


Eli Manning (+5.6)
Hakeem Nicks (+3.5)
William Beatty (+2.4)
Jake Ballard (+1.2)
Chris Snee (-2.2)
David Diehl (-4.7)

That is the top and the bottom. Everyone else was in the +1.0 to -1.0 range.


Linval Joseph (+3.3) ... the only thing I will say here is that, as I wrote in Monday's 'Kudos & Wet Willies,' it looked to me like Joseph played very well despite not putting up big numbers
Mathias Kiwanuka (+2.6)
Osi Umenyiora (+2.4)
Chris Canty (+2.3)
Aaron Ross (+2.1)
Jason Pierre-Paul (+2.0)
Greg Jones (+1.6)
Corey Webster (+1.3)
Kenny Phillips (-1.1)
Dave Tollefson (-1.2) ... Poor Tolly. First two-sack game of his career and he still gets a lousy grade.
Antrel Rolle (-2.0) ... Not so sure about this one. Rolle made some huge plays late in the game that helped the Giants win.