BBI's 'Kudos And Wet Willies' For The 1st Q Of The Season

Going to do this a bit differently. Going to look at the entire 53 man roster, and give them a ranking from 1 - 10.

10 being the kudoiest of Kudos, and 1 being the wettest of willies. 5 is about how we expected them to do when the season began (Kwillie).


Tom Coughlin: There wasn't going to be anybody else up here. If the season goes like this, he should be the winner for Coach of the Year (though more than likely that's going to Jim Schwartz out in Detroit anyway). He's weathered injuries, Osi, and media and fan backlash over things like Eli, his own job security, and even the Philadelphia Eagles. He has gotten this team prepared each and every week. He somehow got through to his assistant coaches. He has been proving people wrong, and I'd love to see that continue.


Rocky Bernard - First off, an apology. I called Bernard a bunch of things last year. Mean things. Things that are usually reserved for taunting overweight people. I'm sorry, Rocky. I did not know you were playing with a torn triceps (the injury that placed Philadelphia's Antonio Dixon on IR last week) all of last season. You have been playing out of your mind, and have been the most impressive player outside of Kenny Phillips on the Giants defense.

Michael Boley - He has single-handedly made me not pine for an early round OLB next year. He has become a leader of the defense, has made game-changing plays (Fumble for TD....McCoy tackle on 4th and 1....etc), and is a far cry from the lukewarm season he had a year ago.

Victor Cruz - Probably the biggest pleasant surprise of the first quarter of the season. His play speaks for himself, even if some of them have been a little....boneheaded. Oddly enough, he seems to have the best chemistry with Eli Manning.

Eli Manning - Should be a 5 for me, because this performance was my expectation of him. Though a lot of people in the media eating crow makes this a 9.

Kenny Phillips - Oh yeah. He's back. A huge bright spot, and stepped up when our secondary depth was obliterated.

Jason Pierre-Paul - You down with JPP? 4.5 sacks, strong run defense, a ton of QB pressures and hits says yes.

Jacquian Williams - Damn. Definitely didn't see him coming. He snagged the nickel linebacker spot when I thought he had a chance to get cut. Not only that, but he's shown the speed to catch up to and take down Michael Vick. He looks like a seasoned veteran out there (ok, might be pushing it a little bit, but hey, I'm excited), and has room to grow.

Jerry Reese - who looks better now? Reese? Or the peeps in the Eagles FO?


Jake Ballard - Can't say enough good things about the dude. Has done whatever he's been asked to do. His blocking could use some work, but that's nitpicking. Kevin Boss he is not, but he's damn close to becoming the offensive producer that Boss was. Maybe he'll be higher by the halfway point. That TD against the Cards was Tony Gonzalez-esque.

Chris Canty - Is just a monster and a half. No real other way to say it. Has been equally disruptive when rushing the quarterback or in run defense. A little inconsistent, but other than that, has done everything asked of him.

Linval Joseph - Might be a bit of a cop out, but please see my description of Chris Canty directly above.

Hakeem Nicks - Usual, dominating self for the most part. That's the thing, though. He needs to be dominating ALL THE TIME for him to be considered in the Andre Johnson league. He has the potential to do so. The Lions have Megatron. No reason we can't counter with OptiNicks Prime.

Antrel Rolle - Struggled as a nickel CB, but that isn't his position, and that's literally the only other complaint I have with him. He could be better defending the pass, but that's nitpicking. Also, his mouth gets him into trouble, but he's been good for the most part. If he continues on this path, I wouldn't have any qualms about calling him the best run defending safety in the nation. Polamalu and LaRon who?

Dave Tollefson - To be honest, the only reason he is on here is because of his relentless motor and his two sack performance. Other than that, while he has been more than solid, can't say that he is beasting out there. He was very inconsistent in the Washington game. Still, it's pretty safe to say he's a starting caliber DE for more than a few other teams out there.

Kevin Gilbride -His playcalling thus far has been above average. That is a hell of a compliment considering most people call him "Killdrive." Points off for not maintaining a balanced offense and not prioritizing the run.


Will Beatty - Has gone up against Brian Orakpo, James Hall, Trent Cole, Calais Campbell/Joey Porter. Has allowed only 1 sack, I believe. That's awesome, but then again, I expected him to do well. Problem is, while Beatty can handle the speed rushers, he has problems with power rushers, and that results in a bunch of pressures on Eli. Needs to clean that up.

Zak DeOssie - Been his usual ProBowl self, and even has been making some tackles. Can't get hurt though!

Henry Hynoski - Growing pains for sure, and he's missed a ton of blocks the first two games. But...he's really stepped it up. He can run routes, and has been excellent in pass protection the last two weeks. Run blocking could still use a bit of tinkering, but hey, color me impressed by the rate at which he's improving.

Greg Jones - I wanted to put my dude, the Kraken, a lot higher, but I can't right now. He has shown leadership ability, poise, and has shown that the game isn't too big for him. He has made a number of key tackles, but gets washed out of the play a bit too often. Still, his potential is insane, and has been nothing if not solid in his snaps.

Aaron Ross - Struggled heavily the first two games, but then came out and beasted against Philadelphia. Had another solid game in Arizona. Wanted to put him higher for him bouncing back, but then again, we know he has the talent to do it consistently. I'm looking for him to do just that.

Corey Webster - Like Aaron Ross, he has definitely stepped his game up. Still don't like him playing zone though, as he's been beaten more than a few times. Made an amazing play on the last Cardinal drive, but that's just a small sample of the types of recognition plays that he makes all the time.

Perry Fewell - Wonderful teacher and have to give him all the credit in the world for making the best of all the defensive injuries we have incurred. However, I'm still not a fan of his scheme. Still, he has definitely exceeded expectations in my eyes. He finally feels like he's starting to make in-game adjustments...which is nice.


Stacey Andrews- I'd definitely prefer his brother, but Andrews has held up on his own. I've seen some mistakes and I don't think he gets the push I think he can when he lines up in goal-line TE, but he has been better more often than not.

David Baas - Been nothing but solid. Been anything but spectacular. An upgrade over what we had last year? Sure. But he has allowed pressures and hasn't been great in pass protection. I do think he has been really good in run blocking, and that was seen last week when he was missed. Given the expectations, I think slightly above average is about right.

Deon Grant - Damn, he's been playing a lot more than I'd expected he would. Holding up surprisingly well, too. I definitely have seen him blow a few coverages in zone, though. Also, Flop gate.

Brandon Jacobs - He hasn't had very many opportunities, and I've seen plenty of examples of him getting stuffed on a few runs. However, there's something to be said about how successful he has been in short yardage situations. He also has a knack for finding the endzone. Plus, that catch against Philadelphia was a thing of beauty.

Jimmy Kennedy - He has played quite well in limited snaps, but hasn't gotten the penetration that I'd like to see from the "world's best defensive tackle."

Mathias Kiwanuka - Has been great at generating pressure. Average in run defense. Hasn't maintained great zone discipline (don't know if he's responsible for it or not), and as a result, there's a large gap in that intermediate zone that I've seen been exploited.

Chris Snee - For the most part, he's been beastly as usual. Hasn't given up a sack, though I haven't seen the same sort of dominance as years past with regards to his run blocking. Also had a few uncharacteristic penalties that dropped him down a bit.


Kevin Boothe - He was a backup, but still expected to get a significant amount of snaps. That's exactly what happened. He has been solid for the most part, but has had weak moments allowing a bunch of pressures, that whiff on the Eli fumble against the Cards, and offering NOTHING in run support.

Ahmad Bradshaw - Let me explain. The positives: Become a huge weapon in the screen game. Has fumbled less (or at least made me more confident in him). Had a great day against Philadelphia. The negatives: He could be playing much, much better. Poor YPC. Not even a modicum of consistency. Had a good day rushing against Philadelphia, but who DOESN'T have a good game rushing against Philadelphia?

David Carr - I know what I said about not playing = Wet Willie, but David Carr might be the only exception to that rule. Gave him a 5, because he is matching expectations.

Justin Tuck - Disappointing because he hasn't been playing, but makes up for it when he does.

Osi Umenyiora - See description of Justin Tuck directly above.


Michael Clayton - We all know that he's a real good blocker. Hasn't gotten on the field much and I expected him to step up and come in during limited passing opportunities, but he hasn't done any of that.

Michael Coe - Struggled when he came in during the St. Louis game, but has been decent in other spot duty and on special teams.

Mark Herzlich - Hasn't really done much to date, but is showing versatility by being a backup LS and doing well in ST.

Bear Pascoe - Best thing I can say about him is that he's a versatile player that can produce in a pinch. Rather have a combo of Jake Ballard/Henry Hynoski, though.

Mitch Petrus - Good depth. I suppose. I really have no other comment.

D.J. Ware - See Mitch Petrus comment directly above.

Tyler Sash - Have only seen him on special teams. I had hopes that he might get some playing time on defense, but he doesn't look to be there just yet. I look for him to have a bigger role as the year progresses.

Steve Weatherford - I expected some stronger kicks from Weatherford, and he's had some shanks. Still, can't deny that he's getting the ball out of bounds.


Mario Manningham - I expected great things from him, and it hasn't happened. Don't know if its because of Eli or not, but the fact that he sat out a few plays in the Cardinal game makes me think he ran a few wrong routes. He is supremely talented, and no doubt I look for this 3 rating to go up a lot higher in the coming weeks.

Kareem McKenzie - He is the one that I'm most disappointed in. He went from a dominating RT that just bowled people over to one that has performed too many mistakes, allowed too many sacks, and is most definitely showing his age. I really, really hope he picks it up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the success of our season lies in the play of Kareem McKenzie. He needs to be the mauler in the run game AND he needs to keep Eli upright. He goes up against the likes of Jason Babin, Ryan Kerrigan, and (a better playing) Anthony Spencer. He needs to pick it up.

Spencer Paysinger - Honestly, I don't even know what happened to him. The marvel of the preseason, I had assumed that he was going to be our Nickel LB. That didn't happen, and while I don't blame him because he's just a rookie, I expected him to step up.

Devin Thomas - Thoroughly unimpressive during kick returns. Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't seen a real good one from him yet. Not much else to comment on.


Travis Beckum - Has only one catch thus far, and that catch was not for a 1st down on the 4th down against the Eagles. He's been an adequate decoy at times, and his blocking has been better than previously thought. Still, can't dub him as anything more than a disappointment thus far.

David Diehl - "Ughh." Probably the only word that accurately describes his play. I thought he'd pick up his play at his old haunt at LG, but he's been a turnstile and rapidly declining.


Prince Amukamara - A little unfair to put him all the way at 1, but he's our first round pick damn it. He should be at least practicing and not injured. Ain't his fault, but if you aren't doing anything to help your team, that's an automatic Wet Willie in my book.

Marvin Austin - Same situation as the Prince.

Ramses Barden - Same situation as the Prince.

James Brewer - No fault of his own, but if you are a healthy scratch, you aren't on the field and aren't helping the team. Same sort of thing as the Prince.

Jerrel Jernigan - Has been active for one game, but hasn't done anything. Hopefully this changes by the halfway point.

Da'Rel Scott - Same situation as James Brewer.

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