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TC Pays Tribute To Justin Tryon

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin spoke at length today during his meeting with reporters Monday about Justin Tryon, the cornerback who has already undergone surgery to repair a broken arm suffered midway through Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins, long before he tackled Reggie Bush late in the fourth quarter on a punt return.

"A guy with a broken arm made the play that sometimes goes unnoticed but the gunners in that situation have not always come through for us but this kid did," Coughlin said. The thing that I appreciated and I was standing close by, as the doctors were showing him and talking to him about his injury, he didn't want to hear about it and all he wanted to know was when he could play again. He said, just put a cast on it and I will play and that was something to hear a kid talk about how badly he wanted to play. It was quite an inspiration for me to listen to that and I wanted you to know about what he did."

Coughlin called the injury "serious." He added that Tryon's arm was "probably fractured" before the tackle of Bush and "the rest of it was taken care of on that last play."

With Tryon down, increased speculation will turn to the status of first-round draft pick Prince Amukamara, a cornerback who has not played yet this season due to a broken foot suffered in training camp.

"He is going to work this week and hopefully get better," Coughlin said. "It will be a day-by-day thing and if he gets to a point where we feel like he can play on Sunday but that remains to be seen."