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Brandon Jacobs: Well, He Can Still Talk

Brandon Jacobs' legs did not serve him very well on Sunday as he carried just four times for 10 yards. His hands did not serve him very well, either, as he dropped an easy screen pass that looked to be well set up and muffed a handoff. Jacobs proved after the game, however that the mouth he has so often used to vent his frustrations is still in mint condition.

"I've got nothing positive to say," Jacobs said. "The most positive thing: I got family at home and I got a fast-ass car being delivered on Tuesday. That's it.

"Cause I can't say nothing," Jacobs said. "I always say something for everyone else's dislike."

Jacobs was booed on several occasions Sunday by the MetLife Stadium crowd. Predictably, this is what happens when you go public with unhappiness about the way you are being used, then go out the following week and perform poorly.

Remember, last week Jacobs talked openly about how this would likely be his last season with the Giants, and we know those kinds of comments are never well received by New York sports fans.