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Giants Vs. Dolphins: Pro Football Focus Weekly Review

Pro Football Focus has quickly turned around the data for Sunday's New York Giants-Miami Dolphins game. Memo to our friends at PFF: This stuff is so much easier to discuss -- and more useful -- when it comes out within 48 hours of the game.

Anyway, here are this week's numbers. I will keep my commentary to a minimum on these


Eli Manning (+8.1) ... Did you expect anything less than a great number?
Will Beatty (+2.7)
Victor Cruz (+1.9)
Bear Pascoe (-1.4)
Brandon Jacobs (-2.2) ... Can we give big Brandon a -100?
Jake Ballard (-3.1) ... Ballard was -1.8 in run blocking
Kareem McKenzie (-3.3)
David Baas (-3.8) ... His run-blocking score was a pitiful -5.1
Chris Snee (-4.1) ... A -3.2 in run-blocking. His worst day as a pro?

A quick glance at these numbers and it is pretty easy to see why the Giants could not run the ball. No help from the center or right side of the line, and not much of anything good in the blocking department from the tight end or fullback. That isn't going to work.


Jason Pierre-Paul (+3.4) ... It was a quiet score because +3.1 of it came from run defense
Mathias Kiwanuka (+1.5) ... Miami ran 56 plays, and Kiwanuka was on the field for 54 of them
Michael Boley (+1.3)
Chris Canty (-1.1)
Aaron Ross (-1.3)
Kenny Phillips (-1.5)
Deon Grant (-1.5)
Antrel Rolle (-1.7)

Special Teams -- Just a note here that Steve Weatherford was +2.3.