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Dolphins 14, Giants 10: Second Half Open Thread

Disappointing. Distressing. Disturbing. Demoralizing. Dumbfounding. I'm sure you get the point, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way about the New York Giants trailing the winless Miami Dolphins, 14-10, at halftime.

Thing is, these are the Giants -- a team that never does anything the easy way. Could you really have expected anything other than the Giants coming out in a home game they should dominate and making this one an aggravating, nail-biting game they will now have to scratch and claw to win?

What on earth has gotten into Miami quarterback Matt Moore, by the way? He has turned into Houdini, running for 31 yards inlcuding a touchdown and two first downs. Moore is also 8-of-11 for 71 yards.

The late touchdown by the Giants on a seven-yard pass from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham should help the Giants as the second half starts. Miami, though, does get the ball. A quick stop would be nice.

Manning, by the way, is already 18-of-26 for 186 yards and one touchdown. He would have more if it weren't for drops by Hakeem Nicks on a beautifully thrown ball and Brandon Jacobs on a screen pass. By the way, would anyone else be upset if Jacobs spent the second half on the sideline watching Ahmad Bradshaw?

Anyway, enjoy the second half more than you did the first, gang.