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Fantasy Sleeper: Jake Ballard

OK, so I have to admit I feel a little bit better doling out Fantasy Football advice after the past two weeks in the Big Blue View head-to-head league. A pair of victories for yours truly after a miserable 0-5 start have me feeling just a tad better about what I'm doing in that league.

Anyway, this little tidbit about a fantasy sleeper is one New York Giants' fans should already know. If you need a tight end and no one has picked him up yet you could do a lot worse than to grab Jake Ballard, who now has 15 catches on the season and has become a surprising part of the Giants' passing attack.

Before I sign off on this post I have to ask by competitors in the Big Blue View league a question. Fellas, how in the world was I able to pick up Mario Manningham this week without even having to fight anyone for him? In a league full of Giants' fans? C'mon, fellas! Thanks for the gift.