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New York Giants Vs. Miami Dolphins Preview: Five Things To Watch

The New York Giants face the Miami Dolphins Sunday (1 p.m. ET/CBS). Here is this week's look at 'Five Things To Watch' on Sunday.

1. The Giants' Intensity Level: We talk about this all the time with the Giants when they play a seemingly weaker opponent. Will they bring their 'A' game, or will they play down to the level of the 0-6 Dolphins and make this a dicey game?

2. Corey Webster vs. Brandon Marshall: Webster has been getting the assignment vs. the opposition's top receiver in recent weeks, and that means this week he will chase Marshall. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound Marshall is the type of big, physical receiver that can give the 6-foot, 204-pound Webster difficulty. Let's see how Webster holds up.

3. The Giants' Running Game: Two weeks ago against Buffalo the Giants had their best game of the season in terms of running the ball, with the numbers looking more Giants-like. Will that continue, or will the Giants have to rely solely on the right arm of Eli Manning to move the football?

4. The Effectiveness Of Justin Tuck: The Giants' defensive captain has been practicing on a limited basis this week and has been optimistic about his chances of playing Sunday. If he plays, it will be interesting to see if it is the real No. 91 or the same player who was severely hampered by neck and groin injuries earlier in the season.

5. Eagles vs. Cowboys: I know this is cheating. It is, however, more interesting than any fifth thing I could think of. Besides, I know you guys are interested in this big NFC East game and I know you will be tuned in Sunday night. Do you guys care which team wins? Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Dallas win just to push Philadelphia even closer to having 2011 turn into a complete disaster for the Eagles.