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Chris Harris An Unlikely Fit For Giants

The Chicago Bears today parted ways with veteran safety Chris Harris, who had been benched recently in favor of younger players. Before you go and start thinking that Harris, a 29-year-old with 83 career starts in the NFL, would be a nice pickup for the Giants, perhaps you should read some of the things being said about him at SB Nation Chicago.

Among other reasons, Harris was released because of an "inability to play special teams" and because of a "lack of execution in the Cover-2 defense."

Harris, or anyone who would come to the Giants as a reserve defensive back, would need to be able to handle both of those responsibilities. So, in case you were wondering, this does not seem like a match.

The Bears had reportedly tried to trade Harris prior to the recent NFL Trade Deadline, but had been unable to do so. Thus, with no real use for him, they have sent him packing.