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Giants Vs. Dolphins: Giants Need To Focus On Themselves

Not knowing as much about the Miami Dolphins, this Sunday's opponent for the New York Giants as I wanted to I meandered over to SB Nation's Dolphins website, The Phinsider, Thursday morning hoping to learn a few things. The biggest thing I discovered? Fans of the 0-6 Dolphins have pretty much tossed in the towel on what has been a regrettable 2011 season thus far for Miami.

The first three posts I found had absolutely nothing to do with Sunday's game against the Giants -- or even this season, for that matter.

There was a look ahead to the 2012 NFL Draft -- the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, as it is. There is a post detailing Philadelphia offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg as a potential coach in 2012. A third post discussed current coach Tony Sparano having his house up for sale.

So, Dolphins fans aren't worrying too much about Sunday -- or the rest of 2011, for that matter. Why, then, should the Giants worry about the Dolphins on Sunday. And, what -- if anything -- is there to worry about with the team that is arguably the worst in the league?

Well, wide receiver Brandon Marshall (34 catches) is a good player. Reggie Bush is a dangerous weapon when he can get the ball in space. Cameron Wake (five sacks) is a dynamic pass rusher.

As it almost always is with the Giants, though, Sunday is not about "who" the Giants are playing. It is about "how they play. Coach Tom Coughlin has talked this week about there being "very small margins" between winning and losing in the NFL.

For the Giants, Sunday is simple. Play the way they are capable of playing and they win. Turn the ball over like they did against Seattle, continue to make foolish assignment mistakes on defense that allow big plays and the meeting with the Dolphins will be much more difficult than it should.

So, what is there to worry about? The Giants themselves, not the Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins Summary Stats

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 15.0 331.0 (19th) 218.8 (21st) 112.2 (18th)
Def 24.3 377.0 (23rd) 257.5 (21st) 119.5 (20th)