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Coughlin: 'Respect All And Fear None'

What message is New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin preaching to his team this week as it prepares to host the winless Miami Dolphins (0-6)?

" ‘Respect all and fear none' is the approach we take," Coughlin said. "What we are trying to do is be concerned with our team and making sure that our team plays and takes our execution to another level. We want to eliminate any lull in our play and continue the concept of not turning the ball over."

Coughlin said "very small margins" separate winning teams from losing ones in the NFL.

"I think the basic thing is who's making the plays and who's not making the plays. Who's taking advantage of it," Coughlin said.

The Giants had everyone on the roster practicing today, the first time all season that has happened.

"I hope we have enough uniforms for these guys," Coughlin said.

Fullback Henry Hynoski (neck burner) appears to be the players whose status for Sunday is most up in the air.