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Brandon Marshall Called Out By NFL Network's Michael Lombardi

What do you guys think of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall? Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network apparently doesn't think much of the guy who is Miami's best offensive player.

"No receiver drops more balls than Brandon Marshall in the league," Lombardi said. "He's one of the top five receivers in dropping passes. ... I wrote on my Twitter account that he's not a No. 1 receiver. People [were] all over. Some agreed, some were giving me a bunch of junk, but the reality of it is No. 1 receivers don't drop passes. Number 1 receivers are able to get down the field and make explosive plays.

"Brandon Marshall is a good player," Lombardi continued. "He really is. And I've said this before, but he's a yards-after-catch receiver. He needs to break tackles and get open. What he allowed [Darrelle] Revis to do to him showed he's not a No. 1 guy. He's got enough skills to be a No. 1 player but he doesn't play like it, especially when he drops the ball."

According to the article in the Sun Sentinel Marshall has seven drops this season out of the 61 times he has been targeted -- and five of those drops would have been touchdowns. Marshall was critical of the Dolphins' game plan against the New York Jets recently because "the ball wasn't coming to me enough."

More from Lombardi:

"For [Marshall] to take shots at the game plan, I think is really unfair," Lombardi said. "It's kind of a low blow. He could have done a couple things to help that team win [against the Jets], like catch a touchdown pass early in the game or not run out of bounds when nobody was pushing him out of bounds."

Yikes! I will take Hakeem Nicks and the other Giants' receivers any day over the divas like Marshall any day.