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Giants' PFF Numbers: Overall Totals After Six Games

Since I know you all love them so much (cough, cough) I thought I would give you the overall Pro Football Focus numbers on the performance of the New York Giants thus far. After all, we have no game from Sunday to review.

These should be instructive, at least in terms of how the numbers match up with which players you believe are playing well, or poorly. As always, remember that these numbers are just for discussion -- they aren't gospel.

A couple of overall numbers for starts.

Offensively the Giants are +17.3, eighth in the league. I have no clue how Minnesota can be +25.7, but that is a whole different argument. The Giants' pass offense is +25.8, seventh in the league, while the run offense is just +7.9, which is 13th and much higher than I would put its performance.

Defensively, the Giants are +24.8 overall, eighth in the league. The killer number is that PFF rates the Giants at -9.9 in pass coverage.

Here are some overall individual numbers for you to chew on.


Eli Manning (+13.7)
Ahmad Bradshaw (+10.8)
Hakeem Nicks (+5.6)
Jake Ballard (+5.0)
Brandon Jacobs (+4.0)
David Baas (+2.8)
Chris Snee (+2.4)
Will Beatty (+1.6)
David Diehl (-9.3)

Ballard's +5.0 is a mark no one saw coming. Beatty's +1.6 is not elite, but is way better than Diehl at left tackle. Obviously, Diehl is also struggling at guard. He is ranked 64th out of 70 guards graded by PFF.


Mathias Kiwanuka (+9.4)
Rocky Bernard (+7.1)
Jason Pierre-Paul (+6.6)
Linval Joseph (+6.4)
Osi Umenyiora (+6.2)
Kenny Phillips (+5.1)
Aaron Ross (+5.0)
Greg Jones (+3.0)
Michael Boley (+1.9)
Deon Grant (-3.8)
Antrel Rolle (-7.5)
Dave Tollefson (-8.8)

Still complaining about the way the Giants are using Kiwanuka? Carl Banks says Kiwi is "sneaky good," and these numbers agree. I would not have expected Kiwanuka to have the best grade on the defense right now. Nor would I have expected so much from Bernard. The bottom numbers, by the way, show how badly the Giants need Justin Tuck and Prince Amukamara.