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Giants' Bye Week History Lesson

The New York Giants face the winless (0-6) Miami Dolphins Sunday at MetLife Stadium. This is a game the Giants should win handily, and need to win desperately. With the brutal stretch the Giants face after Sunday no slip-ups against lesser teams can be tolerated if the Giants are to reach the playoffs.

"I am concerned about our team. We want to get our team in the best position we can possibly be in. Work on the best preparation and work on the areas that we need to improve," said Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. "We need to understand what Miami will bring to the table when they come in here and be ready and prepared."

With the Giants coming off their bye week i thought I would look back at the Giants' history in games after the bye week under Coughlin. It is actually pretty good, and the Giants are riding a post-bye week three-game winning streak.

After The Bye

2004: Detroit, 28-13 (L)
2005: Dallas, 16-13 (L, overtime)
2006: Washington, 19-3 (W)
2007: Dallas, 31-20 (L)
2008: Seattle, 44-6 (W)
2009: Atlanta, 34-31 (W, overtime)
2010: Seattle, 41-7 (W)

That's a 4-3 record, with three straight victories coming off bye weeks. The two blowouts of the Seattle Seahawks in 2008 and 2010 (why couldn't the Giants do that this year?) bode well for Sunday's game.