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New York Giants Notes: Over the Bye And Through The Woods Edition

Okay, so now that our off-Sunday is in the rear view mirror, we can focus on the next task at hand. Immediately, that means the hapless 0-6 Miami Dolphins on Sunday. But in the bigger picture, that means the next ten Sundays that will shape whether or not there are any weekends playing football for our Giants into mid-January. And we all know how awesome the schedule is, and by awesome I mean how insanely difficult it is. But let's be honest--if these Giants are going to win anything, they have to be able to beat teams like the Saints, Cowboys, Jets, Patriots and Packers. Well, maybe not that last one, but hey, if Christian Ponder can make it a game against them.....I digress, because you don't need to hear all of the things clanking around in my head right now. So let's see what bits of Big Blue News are out there this morning....

Tim Tebow Leads Denver Broncos Over Miami Dolphins -
But with five minutes left and the Miami Dolphins playing prevent defense, Tebow turned into the player who inspires fans to erect billboards and opposing teams to honor him when he visits, rallying the Broncos to two touchdowns.

I'm not sure how much of that game was Tebow's will to win or the Dolphins' will to lose, but the fact that it happened and now the Dolphins come to New Jersey 0-6 kind of scares the crap out of me.

Plaxico Burress catches three touchdowns, NY Jets comeback on San Diego Chargers for 27-21 win
After another ugly start for the offense and an 11-point halftime deficit, the Jets used three touchdowns from Plaxico Burress and two key interceptions down the stretch to defeat the Chargers on Sunday, 27-21. Burress' final TD grab early in the fourth quarter was his third straight, highlighting an effort that piggybacked his no-show against the Dolphins. The receiver was criticized for his diminished abilities and lack of chemistry with Sanchez, but came through wher

Politi: Jets' Plaxico Burress proves he's still potent in red zone |
Three times, the San Diego Chargers decided to leave 6-foot-1 cornerback Antoine Cason alone on the 6-foot-5 Burress near the end zone. Three times, Burress made the inevitable touchdown look so easy, you just hoped burning a defensive back wasn’t a parole violation. Burress had waited a long, long time for a game like this.

Well, good for Plax. I know what happened sucks and the timing of what happened always will suck to Big Blue fans, but I think most of us are happy for the guy after his showing on Sunday.

Redskins vs. Panthers: Little reason to celebrate after this performance - The Washington Post
Six games in, the season isn’t careening off the embankment. But after procuring front-row seats to the Cam Newton Show on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium — a day the defense was surprisingly worse than the offense, Santana Moss broke his hand, Tim Hightower twisted his knee and Mike Shanahan bristled when asked about his decision-making — this is no time to exhibit swag or feel good about scoring when the game is pretty much over. If any player was going to give the ball to someone Sunday, it should have been the play-making Newton and it should have come with a black-felt tip Sharpie.

Instant Analysis: DeMarco Murray was record-setting, but remember the defense he did it against | Dallas Cowboys Blog | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | The Dallas Morning News
The Cowboys easily ran past the St. Louis Rams Sunday at Cowboys Stadium . In the process, DeMarco Murray grabbed the Cowboys' single-game rushing record with a 253 yards on 25 carries. Here are my five thoughts on the lopsided outcome that allowed the Cowboys to improve to 3-3.

Kind of interesting how the NFC East is shaping up, and the next five-six weeks should really tell us a few things about it. Thankfully, the Eagles and Cowboys square off this weekend.

Giants' JPP an emerging talent -
Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said he will cut the second-year pass rusher’s snaps by about 10 a game when Tuck returns from his lingering groin and neck injuries. Before you scream, "Why?" Fewell explains. "He’s averaging 55, maybe 60 plays a game and he’s producing good numbers right now. If we could reduce that to 40, 45 plays a game, he could produce even better numbers because sometimes he plays slow, at times," he said.

Um, okay. Well, we'll see what happens, okay Mr. Fewell? After all, Tuck and Osi are not beacons of health in general.

And hey, I'll leave you guys with a nice piece Ralph Vacchiano of The Daily News wrote over the weekend about five things the Giants need to do to win the NFC East. Now let's start talking about the Dolphins and get our boys on the board again Sunday.