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Giants Face Tough Task After Bye Week

There can be absolutely no doubt that the New York Giants face the toughest road to the finish line of any of the team in the NFC East. The Giants lead the division with a 4-2 record, and the reality is being in that spot as they enjoy their bye week was pretty much a must if this team is going to make the playoffs.

We spent some time the past few days analyzing the Giants' NFC East competition. Here is the No. 1 thing you need to know heading into Week 7 of the NFL season.

Records of Remaining Opponents

Washington Redskins (29-34) .460 winning percentage
Dallas Cowboys (26-35) .461
Philadelphia Eagles (25-29) .463
New York Giants (32-24) .571

The Giants face the toughest end-of-season schedule of any of the NFC East teams. So, yes, it is a good thing they have a little bit of a head start. Throw out the 0-5 Dolphins, and the winning percentage of the teams the Giants face in their final nine games is .627. That is ridiculously difficult.

We know the history under head coach Tom Coughlin. Mostly fast starts, and mostly broken-down, unsatisfying finishes.

2004: 1-8 in the last nine games
2005: 4-1 over last five games to qualify for playoffs
2006: 2-6 finish, and a first-round playoff loss
2007: The best finish possible!
2008: 11-1 start, 1-3 finish, first-round playoff loss
2009: 5-0 start, 3-8 finish, no playoffs
2010: 6-2 start, 4-4 finish, no playoffs

With the gauntlet the Giants have to run the rest of the way, they will have to be nearly flawless to make the playoffs. If they make it, that will be a terrific accomplishment.